8 NFT galleries to see digital art

If you’re an art lover, you’ve probably visited hundreds of galleries. However, you may not know that you can now access hundreds of thousands of high-quality works of art from the comfort of your own home. We’re referring to the NFT gallery in the Metaverse, of course!

Virtual lands like Voxels and Decentraland are becoming hubs for NFT art and new diverse indigenous artists. Additionally, you can create your own NFT gallery where you can display your NFT art and support your favorite artists. Want to learn more about NFT Gallery? Continue reading!

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What is NFT Gallery?

NFT Gallery is an art gallery featuring NFT art. It can be a physical art gallery or a virtual gallery in the metaverse. NFT galleries often curate collections of NFTs that fit a particular theme or artistic style.

Physical NFT galleries typically display artwork on LED screens or high-definition projectors. They are often linked to an online website that allows interested buyers to buy or sell NFTs.

On the other hand, virtual NFT galleries exist in the Metaverse. They offer art enthusiasts the opportunity to explore and interact with conceptual art such as 3D art, architectural models, and more. Undoubtedly, it is a great medium for digital artists to take their art and ideas to the next level.

Top NFT gallery


Screenshot of b.20 gallery
Screenshot of B.20 gallery in Voxels.
Credit: Artnet

B.20 Gallery

If you’re an art fan, you’ve probably heard of Beeple’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days.” Metapurse bought this digital asset and built a B.20 gallery with Voxels (formerly known as Cryptovoxels).

The B.20 Gallery is located in the Frankfurt neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the First Edition Pillar Gallery and the HTML Tower. The main entrance leads to a lobby with neon rose trees and decorative water fountains. To see Beeples, you need to take an elevator that takes you to the level where Beeples art is displayed. His artworks include “The Love of Elon”, “Shrek Too”, “Shrek Too” and “After Jabba’s Birth”.

Asmir Gallery

Async Gallery is also available in Voxels Metaverse. Located in Gangnam District, it stands out from the crowd because of its asymmetrical shape.

The museum divides its collection into two: Asin Classical Arts and Contemporary Art. The former includes works of art that are part of the permanent collection, while the latter are recent additions.

It’s important to note that Async Gallery is primarily known for focusing on programmable art. This is digital art divided into layers, which in turn affects what the resulting image looks like. By changing the layers, the artist changes the whole image.


A snapshot of Sotheby's in Central Land
Sotheby’s entrance in Decentraland.
Credit: Decentraland

Known home gallery

In Decentraland you can visit the famous origin gallery located in the origin city. The exterior of the gallery is unique, because the entire structure is suspended by metal lines. Once you enter the gallery, you will immediately notice that the walls are made of NFT artworks that include both static and animated elements. Digital art marketplace KnownOrigin picks and chooses which artists to feature in the KnownOrigin gallery.

Nara Gallery

Narara Gallery is an open gallery space in the 100 X Art District. It is curated by co-owners Gabby Dizon and Colin Goltra, the first people to exhibit cryptry art collections at Nara. Shelley Soneja is the Art Director of Nara Gallery, who designed and conceptualized the gallery.

Nara Gallery’s main mission is to encourage artists and collectors to exhibit NFTs, crypto art and crypto collectibles. Undoubtedly, Dizon and Goltra take great pride in their gallery, describing it as the “home” for NFT projects and crypto art.


Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, has an NFT gallery in the Decentraland Voltaire Art District. Just like in real life, Sotheby’s London curator Hans Lomulder will greet you at the door of your avatar. You can spend a good hour or two exploring the various works of art that Sotheby’s has to offer from various spaces within the building such as Gallery 1, the Central Gallery and the Wemyss Gallery.

Michael Buhana, head of sales at Sotheby’s, said: “We see the next frontier of digital art in places like Decentraland, where artists, collectors and audiences from all over the world can connect with each other and showcase fundamentally limited and unique art. But it is accessible to anyone to see.”

Other virtual NFT galleries

Screenshot of cyber gallery
An example of an NFT gallery on OnCyber.
Credit: blog.zenft.xyz

On cyber virtual gallery

OnCyber ​​is an easy way for both artists and collectors to display NFT and crypto art. To create your own NFT gallery, you simply need to connect your Ethereum wallet to collect assets and store them in your space. Alternatively, you can visit spaces created by NFT fans and artists, such as “Twin Flames of Justin Aversano” and “Takashi Murakami: An Arrow Through History”.

Space NFT Gallery

Spacial is another service that allows artists, collectors and curators to display their works in a virtual space. If you’re more of an avid collector, you can check out the Spatial NFT galleries created by other Spatial users. Key NFT galleries include “VERSES Gallery”, “Veve Marvel Comics” and “Escape”.

Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA)

The Museum of Crypto Art or MOCA is a virtual NFT gallery built on Somnium Space. The museum’s main mission is to “preserve the legacy of crypto artists and serve as a creative laboratory to push the boundaries of NFTs.” Therefore, the MOCA NFT Gallery aims to be a decentralized and democratic space that will eventually transition to a DAO run by $MOCA tokens.

How do I create a gallery in Metaverse?

There are many services that allow you to create NFT galleries in Metaverse. Free services like OnCyber ​​and Kunstmatrix are a great way to dip your toes into the NFT gallery environment. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, Spatial is a good bet. To use such services, you typically need to link your wallet to the service. The service will then bring you all the digital assets, which you can then search and display wherever you choose.

Alternatively, you can purchase land in the Metaverse, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Voxels. After purchasing land, you need to appoint a Metaverse developer to design and build your NFT gallery, after which you can edit and display your NFT art.

Final thoughts about the NFT gallery

Metaverses like Voxels and Decentraland allow brands, curators and collectors to support their art by setting up their own NFT galleries. In contrast, services like OnCyber ​​and Spatial encourage everyone to become a gallery owner. After all, displaying NFTs and sharing them with the (virtual) world will educate the Web3 community and promote emerging digital artists.

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