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SuperRare (home of the SuperRare token) is the only crypto-art marketplace that many digital artists aspire to be a part of. When they express themselves Instagram Meets ChristieSuperRare is home to some of the most famous NFT artists.

A very rare banner
SuperRare is an exclusive NFT marketplace for only the best crypto artists.

Finally, SuperRare is a platform where you can sell and collect digital artwork. With highly sought-after artists and a growing community of collectors, the platform is a way to interact with, experience and collect art. Here’s what the founders say about why they created a social network for Crypto-art:

We think that collecting is inherently social. Because digital collectors have a clear record of ownership, they are ideal for a social environment. Social coverage makes it easy to evaluate price and other context around items in the marketplace. Plus, it’s more fun!

The marketplace itself began as a central platform, with the core team reviewing artists and selecting a few to be included in their productions. However, the platform has now joined the majority of the NFT community in taking a decentralized approach to their work. Therefore, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) formed by creators and collectors holding the RARE token is now set to govern the platform.

Let’s dive deeper into SuperRare. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the artful marketplace.

What is the SuperRare NFT Marketplace?

SuperRare is an extremely unique online crypto-art marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has earned a marketable reputation, featuring only well-known and popular up-and-coming artists.

In the year The popular platform launched in 2018 and focuses exclusively on art NFTs. Therefore – unlike other NFT marketplaces – this platform is not home to digital game assets, music NFTs or Web3 domains. Along with a wide range of artistic styles, SuperRare boasts everything from conceptual art, to illustrations, to photographic anti-FTs. An NFT file can exist as a still image, 3D artwork, video or GIF file.

In the first three years, he worked using the central model. So artists who want to list their work on the platform use submit. Then, the Super Rare Labs team reviewed the submission. Each entry had to be completely original, created by the applicant, and not copied elsewhere. Therefore, every piece of art listed on SuperRare was incredibly unique. Now, to join the decentralization of the Web3 world, SuperRare has introduced the RARE token. This token gives owners control over platform processes, including artist selection.

Who is behind SuperRare and where are they based?

SuperRare was founded in 2018 by Charles Crane, John Crane and Jonathan Perkins. The team also founded Pixura, the technology used to run SuperRare. Importantly, John Crane is a former product engineer at Web3 company ConsenSys.

The small group of art lovers researched the idea for six months before launching on April 4, 2018. Speaking at the launch of the forum, the group said:

We started building Super Rare in late 2017 – three friends working out of a coffee shop in Brooklyn with a dream to build a new art market designed for the digital age. The idea was simple but powerful: What if we could use NFTs as digital art to verify and validate them? If this were possible, we would have the potential to create an open and transparent global market for digital art that anyone in the world could access.

However, in addition to the group, there are also several important investors. These include Mark Cuban, Samsung Next and Ashton Kutcher. In addition to executives and investors, SuperRare has a community of collectors and creators who oversee management.

The company’s headquarters are based in the Greater Philadelphia area, East Coast, Southern USA.

SuperRare founders with surfboards
SuperRar co-founders (left to right) John Crane, Charles Crane and Jonathan Perkins. (Image credit: SuperRare)

How many great artists are there on stage?

With their focus on fine art NFTs, SuperRare is home to the best. While we can’t say for sure how many artists use the platform, we can say that it is Below 7500. Because when RARE tokens were distributed to artists, collectors and curators, there were only 7500 token holders.

Because the entry level is so high, the work of many superrare artists is highly valued. In fact, artists Don Diablo, Kevin McCoy and XCOPY have all sold NFTs on the platform for over a million dollars each.

Of all the artists on the crypto-art scene, XCOPY stands tall above the rest. Believe it or not, XCOPY sold 222 works for an average price of $228,418 for a total of $50,708,843 in sales. Amazingly, that doesn’t include secondary sales either. XCOPY’s highest sales volume is $7,088,229. By comparison, the second highest sale of all time on SuperRare goes to Robbie Barrett, with a sale of $1,094,583.

Acceptance on SuperRare: How hard is it?

Acceptance on Superrare is very difficult, and some of the top performers on the platform were not accepted for the first time. During the application process, the DAO will review your application and make a final decision. However, according to SuperRare’s application form, they only onboard a small number of artists each month. They are still looking to raise the bar to meet the high demand.

How to get accepted on the most unique art platform

As mentioned, SuperRare have high standards for their artists. Therefore, before applying, it is important to strengthen yourself as a crypto-artist. You can do this by creating your artwork, finding your unique style, building your portfolio, and being active in the Twitter and SuperRare communities.

Once you have built your brand header to complete the application process. Please think carefully before submitting your answers to the questions on the form. You must also record a one-minute video about yourself and your art. Instead of just defining who you are, focus on what makes you unique and what inspires your work. Next, you should submit about 3-5 pieces of your artwork, and then tell the background behind these pieces. So, choose jobs that have interesting stories.

After filling out your application, the rest is a waiting game. SuperRare recognizes that due to high demand you may not receive any replies. Remember – this is an extremely high level art platform. If SuperRare doesn’t accept your application, don’t let it discourage you. Keep working on yourself and try again in the future.

A colorful digital artwork of two people, by artists Tiffatron
Artist Tifatron has a signature style of ‘paint, loose lines, abstract marking, pictorial landscapes and nostalgic textures’ to express and explore identity, introspection, emotion, the human condition, existential questions, inner worlds and imagined realities.

How do you sell art on SuperRare?

SuperRare uses the Ethereum blockchain to mine, trade and verify the NFTs listed on the platform. When a seller lists an NFT, the NFT is locked in a smart contract and does not leave the wallet until it is sold. It’s the same for buyers – their funds are kept safe in the smart contract after the auction is set up, and will only be transferred if the auction is successful.

The platform mostly uses a timed bidding model. When selling a piece, bidders can set a certain reserve price that they must meet, or you can set no reserve and simply list a start and end date. Additionally, there is a secondary market in SuperRare where any user can bid for any NFT they sell on the platform. So collectors can bid directly on your art without an auction.

In terms of seller fees, SuperRare takes a 15% commission on original sales – so creators receive 85%. While this is significantly higher than OpenSea’s fee of 2.5%, it is significantly lower than traditional galleries’ commission of around 25-50%. Additionally, for secondary sales, creators receive a 10% commission (royalty).

Collecting art on SuperRare

To start collecting work on SuperRare, you must first create your Ethereum wallet (if you don’t have one). Read our Wallet guide For information about different types of crypto wallets. Next, make sure you have money in your wallet. Once completed, as a Super rare collector To create an account and connect your wallet. Finally, check out the activity feed, follow some artists and start bidding and collecting!

WFH_Death, by XCOPY

SuperRare vs Openea – Which is better?

Although both are NFT platforms, OpenSea and SuperRare are very different. The main differences are in accessibility and audience. OpenSea is a platform for everyone, while SuperRare is extremely special.

Anyone can sell on OpenSea, so it’s more accessible to artists. Therefore, there is a wide range of art and other digital collections, and mostly at a low price tag. Additionally, OpenSea supports many types of NFTs. SuperRare, however, only features crypto-art. With a strong focus on vision and branding, SuperRare features high-quality artists and attracts more established buyers.

For artists, you may be looking for a less exclusive community if you’re just starting out, and you can easily sell your work on OpenSea. In addition, OpenSea takes less in fees. On the other hand, if you’re an established artist looking for a marketable audience, you might find SuperRare to be the place for you. The higher the criteria for artists, the more likely your work will receive higher bids. Plus, with royalty payments in place, you’ll earn 10% every time a buyer resells your piece.

For collectors, the platform you choose depends on the type of art you want. Looking for PFP projects, blockchain games and new and upcoming NFT artists? Then OpenSea is your place. Or, are you looking for high-quality art from well-established artists? Then go to SuperRare.

How much does SuperRare make?

SuperRare has made great strides in the past few years. In the first year of sales, artists on SuperRare sold an average of about $8000 per month. By 2021, that has exploded to an average of $25 million per month (a 31,000 percent increase!). CoinMarketCap Superrare claims to have collected over $250 million in digital art and earned over $3 million in artist royalties paid to date.

In fact, in the last 7 days alone, SuperRare sold 49 NFTs. The average price of one of these was 2.1k – so the total sales in 7 days was $103.55k.

Additionally, there is the SuperRare token ‘RARE’. Data from CoinMarketCap tells us that SuperRare Token’s price is $0.173448 and its 24-hour trading volume is $8,480,099. There is a circulating supply of 101,756,228 RARE coins out of a maximum of 1,000,000,000 RARE coins. The market value (at the time of writing) is $17,649,383.

Image of the RARE token
SuperRare Token ‘RARE’

Where Fine Art meets NFTs

In conclusion, SuperRare is a unique digital art platform that caters to exceptional artists and serious collectors alike. In the traditional world, artists fight for a niche market, hoping to catch the eye of an influential collector or have their work displayed in a high-end gallery. Now these artists can go directly to the consumer. Digital art is available online, accessible to curators and collectors worldwide.

Not only that, but through their work, Superrare has created a way for buyers to collect authentic works of art. By recording the artwork as an NFT on the blockchain, you can ensure that this work is unique, immutable and one-of-a-kind. When it is said that More than 50% of artwork in the world is ‘fake’By buying on chain, you can be sure that your collection is the real deal.

With their impressive sales revenue, talented artist base, and SuperRare token, the platform seems unstoppable. So, whether you are a connoisseur, creator or buyer, if you love fine art, Superrare is the marketplace for you.

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