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Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 cute seal NFTs with a home on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community-driven project focused on expanding Metaverse. They celebrated their one-year anniversary this month, and during that time they made plans for their future.

sappy seals
Sappy Seals recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary.

The team behind Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals launched on September 2, 2021 @wabdotethThe Metaverse platform that founded Pixelverse has strategically partnered with several other NFT projects to build a powerhouse team.

Alongside its Ethereum operations, Wab is well known in the Cardano NFT space.

On Twitter, Wab often speaks on various aspects of the crypto and NFT space. He discussed surviving and growing in bear markets, especially in recent times, and comparing different blockchains.

Many have said about him that he is an extremely hard worker on the project, Sappy Stamps, which has clearly proven itself as one of the best collections.

The community

Without a doubt, much of NFT’s Twitter often mentions the strength and unity of the Sappy Stamps community. Although many see it as a good, positive society, others see it as a “stressful” society. They are often referred to as “sh*tposters”, which can be taken as a positive or negative thing.

A user, @MrPJCooper“Sappy Seals seems to have a great community. @Web3Willyy He added: “Sappy Seals has been crushing my timeline this past week. Perhaps the strongest community in space?”

However, on the other hand, @0onlyPabs “The Sappy Seals community never ceases to amaze us with the uproar it goes on every week,” he said.


Sappy Seals holders can share their NFTs to earn $PIXL, their ERC20 utility token in the Pixlverse metaverse. Pixlverse offers features like gamified farming, distorted terrain, game modes and more. Also, there is a marketplace for Metaverse items you own for in-game use in the Pixlverse.

For their powers, it uses a new rarity-based contract. This means that the amount of $PIXL you earn depends on the rarity of the holders’ NFTs. For example, base-level seals can earn 50 per day, and 28 1:1 seals can generate 500 per day.

Currently, the price of $PIXL is set at $0.0005748, reaching an all-time high of $0.006683 in November 2021.

Floor price history

On OpenSea, Sappy Seals has a current floor price of 0.83 ETH, and an all-time total volume of 11.1k ETH.

In April of this year, the project saw an average sale price of more than 2 ETH, compared to an average price of 0.44 ETH.

A total of 3,813 wallets hold Stamp NFT. 7,690 out of 10,000 NFTs were traded.

Pixlverse and Sappy Seals Metaverse Ventures

According to Wab by Pixlverse, stamps and other NFT stocks have confirmed their commitment to MetaVas and its future.

The Pixelverse is a 2D metaverse where different NFT communities meet, create their own worlds, and also visit each other’s worlds seamlessly.

Sappy Seals were the main inspiration for the launch of Pixlverse, more details of which can be found on the website.

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