Adrian Cheng revealed his unknown Web3 identity

Hong Kong cultural pioneer Adrian Cheung reveals his Web3 identity as LastKnight. LastKnight, or Cheng, invested in Animoca Brands and RTFKT. Now, he is working with Azuki to bring the phygital web3 experience to the rest of Asia and the world.

Photo of entrepreneur Adrian Cheng
Adrian Cheng aka LastKnight
Photographer: David Atlan

About Adrian Cheng’s vision for Azuki

Adrian Cheng is a supporter of the Azuki project and community. As a talent advocate, Adrian Cheng sees Azuki as representative of the true figural experience. It sees the community as a creative team with a shared vision and a bridge between the digital and the physical.

Now, Adrian Cheng shares the next step in his democratized fitness experience. With a series of artistic collaborations in the pipeline, a trip to Figital is sure to bring new cultural and artistic experiences.

“My love and admiration for Azuki lies in the visionary community, and their tenacity to carve out a unique place to bring the creative culture and community-based experiences to life in the Web3 world,” said Adrian Cheng. “Azuki’s remarkable success, in addition to its anime-inspired aesthetic, is the result of its drive to build an inclusive and immersive physical world through art and technology.”

“We are excited to partner with Azuki to expand our vision beyond Heaven, bringing new arts and cultural experiences to the masses, partnering with creators in all fields to bring Web3 to everyone.”

Why is this important to the NFT community at large?

This is a game changer for the NFT community in the current bear market. As a successful entrepreneur, Adrian Cheng continues to push to expand the Web3 space. It identifies, promotes and supports Web3 brands, starting with Azuki. Moreover, this move will democratize the NFT space and bring Metavas to the masses.

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