Animoca Brands Continues Acquisition With MotoGP Mobile Dev Purchase

Animoka Brands, one of Web3’s leading developers of digital property rights, has announced another major acquisition for its ever-growing gaming sub-portfolio.

The company announced on September 16 that it has acquired Weplay Media, the developer of the popular blockchain-game MotoGP Championship Quest. According to the deal, the acquisition is an effort to strengthen user engagement in the motorsports mobile game.

Graeme Waring, founder and CEO of Weplay Media and co-creator of MotoGP, called the acquisition an exciting development for both parties, expanding their reach to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

“Animoka Brands has the ability to reach hundreds of millions of consumers in key growth demographics to expand the sport’s fan base and create engagement opportunities for riders, teams and sponsors.”

Similarly, Yat Siu, Co-Founder and CEO of Animoca Brands, highlighted the growing participation of MotoGP and other motorsports-related games through Animoca.

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According to MotoGP’s latest Global Fan Survey, their community has a high level of engagement and desire to regularly participate in mobile gaming. 79% of all respondents aged 16–24 reported attending competitive games every week, with 54% of fans located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Animoca has demonstrated its significant investment in the development of the motorsports gaming sector by introducing a motorsport-based REVV token rewards ecosystem and NFT programs in the MotoGP game.

In early April this year, Animoca acquired Eden Games, the developer of Gear.Club, the Test Drive series and other popular racing games.

In August, Animoca subsidiary Grace Monkey Games received funding to develop blockchain-based motorsports game Torque Drift 2.

This latest acquisition development comes after Animoca, led by Temasek, raised $110 million in funding on September 8, after which it announced plans to make strategic acquisitions. Animoka has investments in the web 3 space such as Sandbox, Axie Infinity, SkyMavis and DapperLabs, among others.