Are Bitcoin transactions anonymous and traceable?

Tracking Bitcoin transactions can be difficult when people use different wallets and Bitcoin mixers. These factors disrupt the search process and take a lot of time.

Although it is challenging for Bitcoin wallet users to conduct transactions completely anonymously, there are many ways to remain anonymous. For example, you can use a cryptocurrency mixer.

In this case, Bitcoin is a mixer, which proves that it is more difficult to track Bitcoin. This is done by mixing BTC transactions from different people into a pool and then sending the transactions to designated addresses.

Also, wallets can be very difficult to track. If one does not want the activity on the Bitcoin network to be seen, it is possible to create a kind of smoke screen. By creating multiple crypto wallets and conducting different transactions between these wallets, it can become more difficult for anyone to trace transactions and wallets.

Both challenges are difficult on their own, but combining them makes tracking Bitcoin addresses much more difficult. Tracking transactions and wallets takes too much time and energy.

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