As DOGE tries to recapture high price levels, the windfall comes for TAMA

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After a lot of selling, it soon formed a sell candle, which caused the price to drop. The price of DOGE/USD is already moving towards a higher resistance level.

Dogecoin Analysis Statistics Data:
DOGE price now: $0.0592
Dogecoin market cap: $7.95 billion
DOGE mobile supply: 132.67 billion
The total supply of Dogecoin is: 132.67 billion.
DOGE’s Coinmarketcap Rank: #10

In addition, the signals from the trading indicators are still positive at this point. Therefore, it is important to further examine what can be witnessed in this market. At the same time, we apply it as an approach like the DOGE/BTC market.

Important price signals:
Highs: $0592, $0.0630, $0.0680
Base levels: $0.0572, $0.0540, $0.0500

As DOGE tries to recapture high price levels, the windfall comes for TAMA

DOGE bounces back from low support, TAMA rated buy.

Today on the DOGE/USD daily chart, there are indications that the current price movement may be higher. The last three candles on this chart, indicating the movement of buyers, are gradually pushing higher. Although the price movements are still under the MA of the Bollinger indicator, the Stochastic indicator may bring a glimmer of hope. The RSI is seen turning towards each other at the 38% and 35% levels. When they cross each other, the price movement goes up. As a result, growth continues. However, since the line is still below 50%, this trend can still be considered weak. However, traders can predict the price to reach above the $0.0630 level.

As DOGE tries to recapture high price levels, the windfall comes for TAMA

Dogecoin Price Analysis: DOGE/BTC is showing great strength.

The DOGE/BTC price action is showing signs of significant strength. Her price candles have reached the middle group of Bollinger Bands. However, downward forces acted on the price action and brought Bollinger a little below the MA.

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The RSI’s move forward, however, indicates further momentum in this market. This can be seen as the lines of this indicator form an upward pointing cross. As a result, this indicates that the bulls are gaining strength. Going by the collected signals, the price in this market is expected to reach 0.00000323.

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