Bachelor Museum of Contemporary Art Hosts ThankyouX NFT Art

ThankYouX presents ‘Pop to Now: Warhol and his Legacy’ at the Batchelor Museum of Contemporary Art in Charlotte, NC for their latest exhibition. The exhibition will run from September 10 this year to January 2 next year.

thank you
ThankYouX is a leading NFT artist.

‘Pop to Now’ exhibition featuring ThankYouX

‘Pop to Now: Warhol and his Legacy’ is set to showcase the art of ThanksYouX. Work alongside him from classic artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. As well as this, there are more contemporary artists performing ThankYouX, Kirsten McIver and Hees.

In particular, the exhibition was created in collaboration with AKTION ART. It’s a cultural exhibition of the century’s most famous pop artists, paying tribute to the innovators who inspired billions, broke ceilings and created epic moments.

The ‘Pop to Now’ exhibition will be the first museum exhibition to feature the work of ThanksYouX.

About ThankYouX

To clarify, ThankYouX is a creative artist who began his journey paying homage to Andy Warhol with stencils sprayed on the streets of Los Angeles. He is particularly known for art that combines the physical and the digital. ThankYouX has partnered with top brands including Snapchat, Samsung and Adidas. It has built up a huge following, including an incredibly loyal Twitter following.

The American artist, whose real name is Ryan Wilson, rose to fame in 2009 with a mural of Andy Warhol across Los Angeles.

Currently, most of the work is in NFTs. He is particularly involved in the NFT community with his 47,000+ followers on Twitter. Many of his works are featured on Nifty Gateway.

Recently, budding NFT art phenomenon FEWOCiOUS, who is friends with ThanksYouX, simply tweeted:@ThankYouX ily”

Bachelor Museum of Modern Art

Founded in 2010, the Batchelor Museum of Contemporary Art is a museum located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Especially in the middle of the 20th century, it is prepared for the modern exhibition. The modern art museum is part of the new Levine Center for the Arts in Uptown.

The museum is named after the family of Andreas Bechler. A resident of Charlotte and a native of Switzerland, he collected and inherited more than 1,400 works of art created by major 20th-century modernists.


The exhibition is made possible in collaboration with AKTION ART. ThankYouX was first introduced to Palm Beach and art world powerhouse Action Art through the Museum of Fine Arts and Design. His work was exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design’s annual MAD Ball in October 2020, organized by Action Art.

Since then, Action Art has continued to represent ThankYouX’s physical canvases in several high-profile activities, sales and exhibitions. Their main gallery is located on Worth Street, Palm Beach. In 2021, it’s where they’ll debut ThankYouX alongside museum-quality works by Andy Warhol and JM Basquiat.

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