Balance Target Boredom Monkey Owners in Sandbox Instagram Hack

Midway through the third alpha season, Sandbox has fallen victim to the industry’s worst parasite of all. He recently saw his Instagram account attacked by malicious hackers who wanted to impersonate his reputation.

In the disaster, the unidentified Neanderthals were able to bypass the security features associated with the tag. He then posted a fake link to a made up alpha season 4 giveaway, Abundant LAND raffle. But while it’s highly predictable, linking the wallet to the site gives access to malicious actors.

But unexpectedly, these Instagram habitat scammers have targeted bored monkey owners, identified them with their Twitter profile picture, and the offer is too good to be true. According to sources. Holders are given 40 ETH NFTs to ‘rent’ for 24 hours only. So far, it is not clear whether anyone has fallen for this cowardly scam.

Sandbox took control of the Instagram account after a few hours. However, initial reports indicate that some users have seen assets wiped from their wallets after clicking on the fake link. All in all, a shocking series of events considering Instagram’s latest branch into the world of NFTs.

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