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In October 2017, Dutch native Didi Taihutu and his family sold all their valuables and their house for Bitcoin. The decision paid off and the Taihutu family has traveled all over the world and recently moved to Phuket Island. In the year On November 30, 44-year-old Didi Taittu told CNBC that after years of storing crypto in cold storage, centralized exchange (cex) platforms and decentralized exchange (dex) protocols, a Dutch family decided to actively transfer $1 million. To lift protocols in digital assets to give us more control over self-possession.

DD Taihutu and family are taking proactive steps to self-protect their crypto assets

Just five years ago, News reported on the Taihu family, who decided to sell their house, children’s toys and vehicles to stockpile Bitcoin (BTC). On Wednesday, the family’s patriarch, Didi Taihutu, spoke to CNBC and explained that the family is moving $1 million worth of crypto assets to dex protocols following the FTX crash.

Taihutu’s family in November 2022. Didi explained to CNBC Taihutu. Households currently keep 73% of their cash in cold storage.

Taihutu revealed that before he decided to actively move his money from sex platforms to Dex protocols, the family had accumulated some money on trading platforms such as Bybit and Kraken. “If you don’t send your bitcoins to an exchange, your bitcoins stay in your own wallet, which means you have full control of your coins,” Taihutu said. [But] You connect to Dex, and through that connection you trade from your own wallet.

The fight continued:

If Dix falls, it doesn’t matter, because the bitcoins are always in your own wallet.

Taihutu said he learned his lesson in 2017 when the sex platform Cryptia was hacked and he lost four bitcoins. “Since then, I’ve always looked for alternatives,” Taittu said. As for FTX, Taihutu insists that “a lot of influencers were paid a lot of money to promote that.” The family won’t disclose how much they hold in crypto assets, but they say roughly $1 million worth of BTC, ETH, LTC, DOT and other tokens will be transferred to decentralized exchanges.

Taihutu said the drama surrounding FTX is similar to what happens in every Bitcoin cycle. “We seem to have learned this lesson in every bitcoin cycle -” Mt Gox was, in China banning bitcoin, banning mining. There is drama every time,” he added. Taihu believes wholeheartedly that BTC is serious and simply doing what the leading crypto asset always does.

“Looking at the current situation: we have a big war, we have a big financial crisis, we have FTX, we have Celsius, we have many signs of a bear market,” Taihutu told CNBC. “I think Bitcoin is very strong at $16,800. To me, Bitcoin is still working perfectly and is still doing what it does: being a decentralized currency that can be used by everyone all over the world,” Taihutu concluded in an interview on Wednesday.

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