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press release. Given the generally negative attitude of financial regulators towards digital assets, P2P marketplaces have become platforms of choice across Africa. As the world leader in P2P cryptocurrency exchange, Kenya has attracted a lot of attention from many P2P exchange service providers. BitPapa is one of them and has recently entered the Kenyan crypto market.

As a global P2P marketplace operating globally, BitPapa has been providing cryptocurrency trading services since 2018, shortly before entering the highly profitable Kenyan cryptocurrency market.

Thanks to Bitpapa, users can now trade Bitcoin (Ethereum, TON, Monero and USDT) for Kenyan Shillings in a safe and secure P2P environment. Through a website, mobile app or Telegram bot (unique among crypto trading platforms).

There is convenience for users with simple registration through email address. No ID verification required or phone number verification required. Users can start trading immediately after activating their account by following the link sent to their email. Although they remain unverified, there are no limits on how much a user can trade each day.

There is a policy on the Bitpapa platform that defines fair and equal treatment for all account users. Friendly and knowledgeable support staff are available 24/7 to help with any issues or questions.

The user of the marketplace, whether a buyer or a seller, always waits for the transaction on the platform. When a user buys a cryptocurrency, BitPapa can assure them that the seller will go through with the deal. The purchased cryptocurrency is locked in escrow, which prevents malicious traders from extorting a user. If the seller doesn’t release coins once paid, the user may start a dispute, and the marketplace will intervene.

For the sellers, the coins are released only after receiving payment, and the burden of proof is on the buyer. Therefore, the buyer must ensure that the payment is forwarded to the seller as per the details provided.

A trade is either transacted, and the parties get what they deserve, or it is canceled with no one losing anything.

It is common to use P2P marketplaces as delivery services. Internal transfers on Bitpapa are fast and free of charge., and users can use them to send coins from one user to another. All wallet addresses remain the same – Bitpapa knows which marketplace it is and automatically differentiates between internal and external addresses.

Moreover, in the year With the powerful Telegram bot, users can create Bitpapa codes and give them to their friends or customers. People can redeem these codes on Bitpapa to top up their balance on the platform at no cost.

Now that BitPapa has launched in Kenya, the competition in this market is heating up. Cryptocurrencies have excited Kenyan users worldwide, and BitPapa aims to be their go-to platform for crypto exchanges and transactions.

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