Bitverse launches Bitverse Heroes NFT collection

Bitverse, the 8-bit web3 gaming platform has announced the pre-sale of its Bitverse Heroes NFT collection. All games on the platform will be accessible to Hero NFTs and by owning one, players can enhance their experience on the platform.

The world of Bitverse

Bitverse is made up of multiple games across multiple genres, creating an innovative style of play. Currently, the project includes 3 games from 3 different genres – a dungeon RPG; A realistic top-down battle royale; And a side-scrolling endless runner. More games are planned for 2023, with each game being part of the larger Bitverse.

In these games, players can explore the games as heroes, customizable characters and collect achievements. Bitverse allows for individual play and all the traditional aspects of an RPG, but also offers live tournaments with prizes to be won.


In all of these games, Bitverse Heroes NFTs can boost their achievements, grant exclusive access to community rooms and in-game perks, and keep their progress across all games in the Bitverse – making NFTs more valuable over time.

This is where pre-sales come in.

Heroes of the Bitverse Rise!

This pre-sale starts on September 21, 2022, and shows a total of 2,600 NFTs. There will be three levels of sales; The first will be for those who have taken their place in the sale. They are given a 24-hour window in which they can purchase up to 10 NFT tokens. This will be held on September 21.

The second step is done on September 22, 2022. This phase will be open to everyone on the whitelist, where whitelist participants will have a 24-hour buying window, with a limit of 10 NFT Heroes per bag.

Finally, the third step will be on September 23, 2022.

Bit heroes

This sale is open to the general public and no reservations are required. Unlike the others, this tier does not have a purchase limit. Once Bitverse Heroes are purchased, their in-game progress will be saved across games and this progress will carry over with them even if they are sold.

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