Blizzard Gaming is a perfect example of why Blockchain is needed.

In the past year, there has been a discussion about whether or not blockchain has a place in modern video games. But now, the eternal villain, Blizzard, has given a perfect example of how to protect players from happy developers.

A hurricane opens a can of worms.

through himDiablo is immortalMobile platform, players must earn ‘Eternal Orbs’ to advance their characters, giving participants a great opportunity to collect ‘Legendary Gems’ to level up in the ecosystem. As such, Blizzard allows players to purchase these orbs on the marketplace, but their expensive nature often leaves players looking for third-party options.

In the murky world of mobile gaming, third-party websites often acquire their assets through shady means. So breaking Blizzard’s terms and conditions and opening up nasty bugs. Instead of punishing the seller, Blizzard chose to punish their long-time customers by revoking all illegally obtained orbs for watching the platform play God with user accounts.

A high-ranking sorcerer named Shia immediately hit their mark 2.5 million orb deficitThis will take a serious $35k to win. The wizard was left with no choice but to abandon thousands of hours of gaming and lose all the money he had invested in the game, seeing his account locked until he paid off the impossible debt.

Maybe there is a better way

However, if such a platform uses the power of the blockchain, any assets will be fully deposited into the wallets that hold them. Therefore, any NFTs and in-game currencies remain the property of the owner, which the developer has no right or ability to revoke.

As a result, Shia can recoup some of his losses by selling high-value NFTs and withdrawing his in-game funds. But as Blizzard controls all assets in the Diablo Immortals ecosystem, Shea has no choice but to leave empty-handed.

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