BTC price is rising ahead as it targets the $24k high.

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Bitcoin In Minor Retracement As It Hits $24K Top Target – September 12, 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) price will break when it reaches the resistance level of $24,000. But the major cryptocurrency is on a minor retracement as it trades above the $22,000 support. If buyers defend the support at $22,000, the rally may continue.

Bitcoin Price Statistics Information:
• Bitcoin price now – $22,212.11
• Bitcoin market value – 425,344,734,886 dollars
• Bitcoin Transfer Offer – 19,149,231.00 BTC
• Total supply of Bitcoin – $466,454,210,751
• Bitcoin Coinmarketcap Rank – #1

Levels of resistance: $50,000, $55,000, $60,000
Support Levels: 25,000, 20,000, $15,000

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Bitcoin (BTC) price rebounded as it broke the resistance at $20,540 and broke above the moving average lines. As prices fall above the moving average lines, upward movements can be accelerated. Today, buyers also breached the $22,000 resistance level. When the market reaches the overbought region, the upward movement is doubtful. BTC price is currently trading above the $22,000 support. However, Bitcoin will continue higher and revisit the next resistance levels at $24,000 and $25,200. After the resistance at $24,000 and $25,205 is breached, the largest cryptocurrency will continue higher. This will push Bitcoin to $31,775 or $32,503.

Bitcoin is a ‘wild card’ ready to take off – Bloomberg analyst Mike Magglone.

Bloomberg Product Strategist Mike McGlone has dubbed Bitcoin a ‘wildcat’ as it bounces back strongly from a bear market. According to him, the United States Federal Reserve may determine the direction of the stock market, but Bitcoin remains a “wild card” that can buck the trend: “Bitcoin is a wild card that is ripe for more color when stacked up in stocks, but it’s moving.” To be like gold and bonds.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction for Today, September 12: BTC price is bullish ahead as it focuses on the $24K high.
BTC/USD – weekly chart

Meanwhile, the price of BTC continues its upward movement as it targets the $24K high. Buyers are poised to push Bitcoin towards the $24,000 potential resistance. The crypto is at 60 on the Relative Strength Index for the period of 14 months. This indicates that Bitcoin is in a bullish zone and may rise further.

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