ByBit Yeeha Games integrates Fiat Off Ramp for the upcoming release – just like Tamadoge

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Crypto game developers are beginning to realize that they need to offer fiat payment options to attract the non-crypto game crowd. Kapital, a leading digital assets institution, has partnered with BayBit ​​Yeha Games. With it, Bybit Yeha Games integrates fiat on-off ramp fiat for subsequent game releases.

Bybit enabling fiat to crypto payments in the Yeeha Games ecosystem

Capital is a fiat-to-crypto payment infrastructure provider. Bybit has partnered with Yeeha Games to integrate fiat payment methods into its ecosystem. This allows players to purchase gameplay assets through Yeeha Games using credit cards.

This move has created a lot of interest in the crypto market – because it opens up the opportunity to increase the adoption of the blockchain game.

Payment system is the biggest road block of Crypto Gaming adoption.

The crypto ecosystem has always been for a certain type of customer – those who are already attuned to the crypto ecosystem. There are many players who have been gatekeepering the entire space – the crypto game is making it more and more unattractive to many.

On the other hand, there are those who tend to get overly excited about P2E without realizing its flaws. The biggest is the lack of a fiat payment system.

In this regard, Baybit’s movement is in the right direction. Through this partnership, players can earn cryptocurrencies using bank transfers. The system will be introduced when Midland Saga drops in Yeeha Game’s ecosystem soon.

Crypto should be easy to buy – Cabinet chief executive.

The CEO of the CAB, Raymond Hsu, reported to emphasize the importance of the ease of buying crypto.

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“We are excited to partner with Bybit and help their customers buy crypto in a cashless, secure and affordable fashion. With Capital’s fiat on-ramp solution, Bybit users can now buy crypto at some of the most competitive rates in the market.”

We achieve this with ByBit through an off-chain settlement method that allows users to avoid high gas bills and long waiting times. So let’s take the crazy out of crypto and help millions of people achieve financial freedom.

Players can buy crypto using Euro and GBP. The integration of this system has been appreciated throughout the crypto community.

Tamadoge partners with Transak to provide on-ramp off-ramp fiat payments

Tamadoge, one of the best pre-sale gaming ecosystems this year, has taken positive steps in this direction. It has partnered with Tranak to allow players to buy ETH using fiat. Users have access to over 28 payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Pix, Credit/Debit Card, SEPA payments and bank transfer.

Buy Tamadoge

Carl Dawkins, head of development at Tamadog, said it is important for the crypto ecosystem to be as inclusive as possible.

Here are the steps to buy Tamadoge using Fiat.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click the “Buy” button
  3. You will be asked to connect your crypto wallet. Do it like this.
  4. Click on “Buy $ETH with Card”.
  5. Enter the amount of fiat you want to exchange ETH for. Be sure to remember fees, conversions, and slippage.
  6. If you are a first time user on Tranak, you will be asked to enter your KYC details.
  7. Proceed to buy ETH and exchange it for TAMA tokens using the “Buy Tamadoge” button.

Once you confirm your transaction, you can claim it after the pre-sale ends.

So far, Tamadogge has raised $13.5 million and is slowly closing in on the final phase of the presale. So if you want to get in early on cryptocurrency, we recommend that you do so before the presale. It protects you against the volatility of the market and TAMA can help you earn huge profits after listing on CEX.

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