Canada’s new opposition leader is a Bitcoiner.

Canadian politician and prominent crypto advocate Pierre Poilèvre has taken over the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, which looks set to make the current administration cash in on the next federal election.

The Cretan politician was reported to have won 68.15% of the vote on September 10 as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Voting.

Poilevre has been a member of the Conservative Party since 2003 and won his first election in 2004. Since then he has served seven terms as a Member of Parliament and has held a variety of roles including Shadow Finance Minister and Employment and Social Development Minister.

Poilievre is known as a proponent of crypto and Bitcoin (BTC), advocating for greater financial freedom through tokens, smart contracts and decentralized finance.

His latest appointment means Canadians may be able to vote for a pro-crypto prime minister in the 2025 federal election, which will be held before October 20, 2025, to determine who will be Canada’s 45th prime minister. .

Earlier this year, Poilivre urged Canadians to elect him as a leader “to make Canada the blockchain capital of the world,” adding:

“People take control of their money from bankers and politicians.”

In March, the YouTube channel BITCOIN released a video of Poilievre at Tahinis restaurant, saying, “We need to legalize cryptocurrencies,” speaking about crypto support during his leadership election campaign.

“People should have the freedom to choose another currency. If the government abuses our cash, we should have the freedom to use another high-quality cash.”

He also briefly talked about ideas to simplify crypto taxes, rules and regulations in order to have uniform legislation across Canada.

In the same video, he bought a chicken shawarma using the lightning network.

However, Polyvéré offered very few details on how his party would implement crypto regulation and adoption if it were to unseat incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

The Conservative Party of Canada currently holds 16 of the 105 seats in the Senate and 119 of the 338 House of Representatives, while Trudeau’s Liberal government has a minority government in the 160 House of Representatives.

At least 170 seats in the House of Representatives are needed to form a majority government.

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Canada in 2010 She entered the global digital asset space in 2014 when her parliament passed a national law on digital currency.

The Canadian Regulatory Council created a new pre-registration for crypto platforms in August this year.

According to a review of Canada’s financial system released in June 2022, relatively few Canadians currently hold BTC – 13% of Canadians will hold some in 2021, up from 5% in 2020.