Capacitors can be turned into digital homes, says WOW

Women’s World (Wow), an inclusivity-focused NFT ecosystem, has announced its latest drop, Capacitors. After this latest effort was teased in the ecosystem, WoW made the property available for all community members to download.

According to the last medium post Wow He announced that capacitors could be used to restore virtual homes.

A house in the Metaverse

It’s worth noting that the Capacitors assets are part of the WoWverse official release. With that in mind, those who own capacitors can use them to recover them. On cyber virtual houses.

This will take place starting August 31, 2022, and the virtual houses that users can purchase will vary depending on the type of Capacitors they have. Green Capacitors will get you to the Nebula Quarters, while blue ones will get you the home base, both designed by Wow’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer. That is Karkai.

All of these virtual homes can be customized to users’ preferences and according to WoW, this is to help them establish their digital identity in the WoWverse.

This initiative is critical in bringing together the WoW community beyond PFPs, to the personal creation and exploration of the nature of digital identities.” says the post.

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