Compound ‘jitters’ refers to the outflow from Ether-based investment products

Institutional investors may be nervous ahead of the Ethereum integration, as Ether-based digital asset investment products saw an outflow of $61.6 million, suggesting concerns about the success of the reform.

In its digital asset fund weekly report, fund manager CoinShares reported that ether-based investment products accounted for the majority of total outflows during the period September 5-11 – leading to the market’s fifth consecutive week of outflows.

The author of the report, James Butterfield, said that the flow came “despite the improved integration certainty,” which could highlight concerns among investors that “the event may not go as planned,” referring to the upcoming Ethereum integration on September 15.

This comes despite last week’s successful merger with the possibility of an upgrade, with the Bellatrix update coming through on September 6th relatively unscathed.

84.6% of Ethereum nodes are now “merge ready,” according to Ethereum node data aggregator Ethernodes, which is up 15.1% from last week’s 73.5% “merge ready” rate.

Butterfill also argued that CoinShares has already rigorously tested the technical details of the hard fork so that there will be no problems arising from the Ethereum update.

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Meanwhile, there is no consensus on whether the Ethereum merger is determined by the price of ETH, which currently sits at $1,688, and the merger will be “buy the rumor, sell the news.”

Polygon’s chief security officer, Mudit Gupta, said that the Ethereum integration is priced in ETH because the integration itself is “public knowledge”.

On the other hand, a crypto researcher who goes by the name “punk4936” on Twitter believes that the 99% reduction in ETH supply and 99.9% increase in energy efficiency will not be seen at the current ETH price.

The Ethereum integration will see the network’s consensus mechanism transition from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), which will take effect on September 15 at 3:20am UTC, according to Blocknative. .