Cool Cats NFT announced their new CEO: Stephen Teglas

Cool Cats, one of the largest PFP conglomerates in the NFT space, has a new CEO, Stephen Teglas. The announcement was confirmed today, September 21. The new CEO has previously worked for Disney, RECUR and Warner Brothers, so it’s a great coup for the popular NFT group. This is the second CEO appointment since Chris Hassett was appointed in January.

Image of Cool Cats NFT and CEO Stephen Teglas
Cool Cats has a new CEO, Stephen Teglas.

Cool Cats has a new CEO!

A tweet posted today by The NFT Project confirms that Stephen Teglas is the company’s new CEO. The official statement read, “The General Manager!!! Drumroll, please… Meet Stephen Teglas – Disney, RECUR, and Warner Bros veteran – and now CEO of Cool Cats! Tune into Town Hall now to hear live from @ChiefCoolCat.”

Big week for a great team

It was an exciting day for the Cool Cats team, and the Cool Cats comic book launched today. However, to qualify for this, you must own a qualifying Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT and pay $75,000 MILK.

What’s more, the much-anticipated collaboration between Cool Cats and Habo Hotel goes live this week. Here, NFT holders can connect with other community members and purchase merchandise such as bags, badges, and apparel.

Tonight, the team held a formal town hall-style meeting where the new CEO of Cool Cats participated in a Q&A.

In this meeting, he discussed the project’s future vision, experience, leadership skills and vision. Finally, you can learn more over hereIn the recording of the city hall.

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