Court Hears Roche Friedman May Create ‘Side Show’ In Teter Class Action

The fallout from Kyle Roche’s video continues after two law firms filed documents with the court asking the law firm Roche Friedman to be removed from its temporary partnership in the Tether and Bitfinex crypto asset litigation.

Roche Friedman In a class-action lawsuit filed in 2019, plaintiffs Tether and Bitfinex rigged the crypto market by issuing unbacked USDT.

Kirby McInerney LLP (Kirby) and Radice Law Firm, PC (Radice), which represent three plaintiffs in the case, filed a motion to dismiss Roche Freeman on September 5.

In the filing, the firms argue that they should replace Roche Friedman as lead counsel, distracting the court from investors’ claims and “opposing class room rights.”

“A new leadership structure is necessary to show the side of the initiative and use of the competence of counsel or litigation and discovery.”

The controversy began after Cryptolix was exposed, claiming that the videos showed Kyle Roche and Ava Labs had a secret agreement to use lawsuits to harm their competitors.

In the year According to court records released on August 31, Kyle Roche has withdrawn as counsel in several crypto class-action lawsuits, including the Tether and Bitfinex crypto asset litigation.

Roche Friedman filed a response on September 6, saying that the action to dismiss is a “special remedy” on the basis that “a lawyer who has sworn an oath has registered falsehood or misrepresentation.”

“The company has taken appropriate steps to prevent any inappropriate appearance.”

Roche said Friedman “removed it from this case” and “will not receive any portion of the proceeds from this lawsuit.”

That should be the end of the case, he argued, because “the five named plaintiffs have a lot to lose if they keep the company and are denied election counsel.”

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Teter, one of the defendants in the lawsuit, has asked Roche’s law firm to step down and confirm that it has returned or destroyed all of the documents it provided to the defendant and has not shared them with third parties.