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press release. The Crypto e-commerce giant, is going through the motions. On September 9, 2022, will launch its new native utility token – $SHOP for $SPI and $GSPI holders. To celebrate the launch, is hosting several events offering great benefits including 20% ​​$SHOP rewards and exciting giveaways!

Buy online using nothing but Crypto!

In the year By 2020, retail e-commerce sales will top $4.28 trillion worldwide. Head of stateCompared to the previous year, it showed an increase of 27.6 percent. E-retail revenue is predicted to grow to $5.4 trillion by 2022, as consumers move more of their purchases online. In addition, the As of 2021, more than 300 million crypto users worldwide and more than 18,000 businesses have already started accepting it as a form of payment.

September 2020 – launches version 1.0 of its platform. The website made it possible to buy tangible goods through major retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart, with delivery to a handful of destinations around the world. The platform’s traction was immediate, even with its limited functionality, and was the validation needed to validate its growth.

Fast forward two years and has two native utility tokens; $SPI and $GSPI (with another unified utility token on the way), a collection of NFTs and many new payment options under the belt: including Binancacne Pay,, CoinbBase Commerce and Utrust. These major developments were accentuated by the increase in the volume of access orders being sent. is currently on the cusp of its biggest growth. After months of work and testing, is upgrading its platform and launching a more robust and complete ecosystem called Metaverse Mall. Shopverse And the web extension facilitates all online store purchases. This overhaul will be incomplete without the release of’s new native token: -$SHOP!.

Introducing the $SHOP token

In the year In late 2021, acquired two native tokens originally designed to improve user experience and governance on the platform. The company felt that further improvements to the tools and their use cases within the platform were necessary to achieve the previously envisioned ‘token platform connectivity’.

In early 2022 came the first internal proposal to merge’s current tokens into a single ‘do it all’ token. presented its idea for $SHOP in May 2022 by combining tokens platform utility and tokennomics. The integration of $SPI and $GSPI was submitted to a community vote, ultimately with an impressive 97% approval rate, opening the door for development on $SHOP smart contracts.

Once launched, $SHOP will inherit the functions that $G/SPI currently performs in the ecosystem, such as discounts, voting and free international shipping as a form of payment within the platform. In addition to these already existing facilities, $SHOP’s improved tokennomics and flexible smart contract have enabled to create the state-of-the-art $SHOP Back system, which will debut on September 9th and will star at the platform’s launch. $SHOP launch events.

The $SHOP token is designed to reflect the success of the ecosystem. This method creates a direct link between the use of the ecosystem and the supply of tokens, which gives a deeper meaning to the phrase “buy to buy”.

20% $ SHOP back event will launch $SHOP on September 9, 2022 with a selection of platform-focused events. The first is the 20% $SHOP back event starting on September 10th, 5 PM CET. The $SHOP cashback event will run for 48 hours and will allow consumers to get an additional 20% of their order value back on $SHOP using selected tokens such as $ETH, $APE and $AVAX as a form of payment. .

For more information on’s $SHOP Back Event.

$SHOP membership raffle event will feature $SHOP’s membership platform on the day the token launches, allowing seasoned community members and newcomers alike to lock in their $SHOP rewards and become part of the ecosystem. The $SHOP membership program consists of five tiers, with the benefits of each package locking in an equivalent amount of $SHOP for a three-month period. These benefits enhance the shopping experience by activating added $SHOP back rewards, Airdrop rewards and free shipping. To celebrate the launch of its membership program, is hosting a month-long members-only giveaway!, giving members the chance to win prizes in addition to existing platform benefits. Prizes include gift cards, $SHOP credits, access to’s Galaxy membership status, iPhone 13 Pro and XOLO NFT collection Golden Monkey. represents a future where people will have the ability to buy anything with anything.

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