CryptoArt Sunday: An Interview with Jenny Pasanen

Welcome back to CryptoArt Sunday! Say hello to a talented motion designer and artist Jenny Pasanen.

Jenny is based in Helsinki, Finland, and her unique style is defined by the integration of GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) with her imagination and digital creativity. She believes that by combining art with machine learning, we can create something unprecedented and amazing.

So, let’s dive in and learn more about her art process and her journey into NFTs!

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what drew you to create your own NFTs?

I discovered NFTs when a friend texted me “Hey, have you heard about NFTs?” From there I started doing my own research, and I was hooked. I think what really attracted me to space in the beginning was the idea of ​​freedom, the freedom to create whatever your heart desires and maybe one day make a life out of it.

Since I can remember, my full time dream has been to one day be a full time artist, so it made my heart sink. I thought it would take years, but one thing lead to another and last year I was able to quit my day job, now I’m living my dream and I’m eternally grateful, every time I think about it it makes me emotional and I cry with joy. Hehe.

The second thing about the NFT space that keeps me going every day is the community. The community built around NFTs is so kind, supportive and loving, everyone I’ve ever met has a heart of gold. That’s what makes the place special.


How often do you create?

Every day I can, only days when I’m traveling or don’t have access to my tools I can’t do anything, but “not creating” is part of my creative process. People often make the mistake that you have to do something every day, which is a killer for creativity.

Boredom feeds your imagination, and your mind needs to be bored sometimes in order to channel new inspiration into weaving. So in other words, we are all creating every day, but creating unconsciously.


What is your creative process?

My creative process starts very much from GAN. Generative adversarial networks work like a museum and paint for me, the images created open up an infinite field of imagination as GAN can create things that I would never have known on my own.

This way of interacting with machines has led to more imaginative creations. Digital painting is the second step. After selecting images from the set of generated pieces, I combine, twist, cut and stretch them to my imagination.

Combining these two like a stack of pancakes and sometimes stacking them on top of each other and drawing between them leads me to the finished work. My process is based on the gut feeling that comes from the work, and it is something that I always follow because it shows the right way.

The last stage of the work is the color grading, perhaps one of the most important, with it I can open all the hidden colors and colors that were hidden in the work during the process.

Jenny Pasanen

Are there any CryptoArtists you would like to collaborate with?

With the right boogie and heart in the right place, the best collaboration comes when two hearts meet to create something beautiful. There are currently thirteen confirmed collaborations, and soon there will be close to thirty in the queue. We will get there one by one!

Mask obscura in the morning

What do you think the future of CryptoArt looks like?

Something that is very bright and only grows. Currently, CryptoArt and crypto are in baby shoes because crypto is not regulated, that’s why people are still unsure and a little scared. As more and more people realize the fall of fiat, the opportunities and support that the NFT community and technology provide, the masses will embrace crypto. This allows the whole world to create and join the flow of CryptoArt. CryptoArt is the future.

Mask Obscura failure

What are you working on now?

From one-of-a-kind pieces, collections, collabs, and various little side projects, you can say there’s never a dull moment when it comes to art!

Mask obscura in the morning

Where can collectors find your work?

The best way to show all the work in one place is my Instagram as I upload each piece there. Other platforms where my work can be found are OBJKT, MakersPlace, WOV and SuperRare. There are also works and collaborations on various other NFT platforms, all available at my link.

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