CubeMelts allow NFT holders to unlock frozen assets

The international ice cube character CubeMelt is coming to the Meltiverse with worldwide fans. The established character is set to honor the Ethereum Blockchain with a collection of 8,888 pieces of NFT.

The cubemelts NFT banner
The CubeMelts are collected in the Meltiverse

What is The CubeMelts?

CubeMelts was created by Animagine, a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, artists and storytellers. The entire collection features creator and lead illustrator, Wen Wong, of the beloved Ice Cube character. Once a webcomic, CubeMelt is now the main character of an animated series. In fact, season 2 will debut in 2023! Now, this fan-favorite ice cube brand has entered Web 3, expanding ownership to a global fan base with plans to strengthen their original community.

A community of fans to unlock locked assets

Holders of CubeMelts own a piece of the CubeMelt brand. To clarify, each holder collects ERC-20 tokens automatically every week. Then, you can exchange the tokens for “frozen assets” like discounted merchandise, digital/physical collectibles, exclusive CubeMelt comic panels NFT, and CubeMelt priority access at ComicCon.

Additionally, early-bird bidders will receive a Popocycle NFT worth 0.3 ETH. Max Mint 3 NFT (While Stock Lasts) This NFT provides a Tokinomic Booster service.

CubeMelts to bring joy and hope

Created by animation director and illustrator Wen Wong, CubeMelt is the world’s most popular ice cube. He walked past the fridge, knowing it wouldn’t last long. As a reminder of how short and precious life is, the character’s skates emphasize the value of time. Accordingly, they highlight why everyone should cherish every moment.

The collection is a spin-off project from CubeMelt, which has since entered the corrupted portal. Instead of taking him to the North Pole, the portal sends him to the Meltiverse, where he meets many more CubeMelts! Cubemelts follow their life spirit to the core, knowing how to get back to where they came from. That is, they are bringing joy and hope to each other through their immortal attitude.

How to grind CubeMelt

Join the best community of these 8,888 NFTs! Each NFT costs 0.08ETH. As registration starts on 29 August 2022, you can now wait for the last date of the early bird permit list. Then, work will begin on September 29, 2022. If you want to know more, check out the details on NFT Night. Calendar list. Also, their social media at: TwitterInstagram, Discord and Facebook. Log in now and try not to miss the boat!

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