Danny Coles announces ‘Chapter 2’ to the public!

Danny Cole, the 22-year-old artist behind NFT’s hit Creature World is back at it again. Following the successful launch of his generative art project on OpenSea, Cole announced the arrival of Season 2. Cole took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the “crowd’s” response and his excitement for the future of the project.

Artist Danny Cole wears an artwork shirt and stands in front of cardboard buildings.
“Crowd” by Danny Cole sold well at OpenSea. Credit: Jing Daily

By Danny Cole What is a “People”?

“Crowd” is an NFT art project first released by OpenSea as part of Creation World 2023. The artwork celebrates the “beauty of unity”, showing how our differences can create harmony when we come together. Through Generation Open Edition, Coll He sought to bring these compounds to life. Collectors responded with overwhelming support, creating 38,045 NFTs. That is OpenSea’s biggest downfall.

Crowds' artwork appears as human-like figures in different colors, celebrating the diversity of their unity.
Cole has plans for the crowd in Season 2. Credit: @DannyColeee.

What’s next in Chapter 2?

Now that all these people are there, Danny Cole Something different is planned for Season 2. According to their Twitter account, “We failed to notice that most collectors have more than one population. Let’s just say these might be useful. Maybe the people want to meet each other…”

What could this mean? While it’s unclear how these plans will play out for collectors, Cole seems to be hinting at some pretty big plans. Time will tell what Season 2 holds.

The crowd appears on the sweaters that Cole sells as part of its Creation Worlds brand.
The worlds of creation continue to grow in this next phase. Credit: @DannyColee.

What is the world of creation?

Creation World is an organization dedicated to making the magical world a reality through art. Created by Danny Cole, he’s on a mission to bring this magic back into the mainstream, and has donated some of his art to raise money for a Ukrainian aid project. His work has attracted the attention of art lovers and collectors worldwide for its tasteful and evocative imagery. With the massive fallout of NFT, the arrival of Season 2 is sure to bring more excitement and creativity from this talented artist.


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