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Music-centric daos continue to be a growing sector for an industry seeking to enable ongoing, meaningful connections between artist and fan. To make waves and generate sustainable income streams, artists don’t need to reach the moonshine level of locking down major labels.

Many projects seem to be aligned with the overarching directive of futurist Kevin Kelly’s pre-web3 manifesto called 1,000 True Fans, which encourages greater engagement between artists and fans. Remember I wrote this in 2008.

Kelly says:A true fan is defined as a fan who buys anything you produce. These diehard fans will drive 200 miles to see you sing. Buy hardback and paperback and audio versions of your book; You will buy your next image invisible view. You pay for the “best of” DVD version of your free YouTube channel; They come to your chef’s table once a month. If you have about a thousand such true fans (also known as superfans), you can survive – if you can’t make a living, but not a fortune, you can make a living.He said.

Kelly’s short piece on the future of fandom can certainly be applied to Music and the Web 3 as a basic principle.

The first music DAO of its kind

omgkirby DAO It is a disruptive, decentralized music artist that fully harnesses the power of Web3 to provide innovative, artist/fan-centric solutions to the issues plaguing today’s music industry. In partnership with full-service Web3 Studio, Celebrity, and co-managed by Project DAO, omgkirby will revolutionize how music creation and distribution is approached.

DAO introduces a first-of-its-kind, community-driven model, allowing fans to collaborate directly with the artist on tracks, vote and choose which new artists to support and promote, as well as the opportunity to create new music derivatives using stems from original omgkirby tracks they own. In the year Born in mid-2020 and built to thrive in the ever-expanding Web3 world, omgkirby DAO is already working in the music of the future.

omgkirby DAO Genesis Collection

omgkirby DAO’s proof of concept was the Genesis Collection – the artist’s first official drop, 3,000 one-of-a-kind NFT music in the form of automatically generated lo-fi beats in March 2020. The project’s creator, an anonymous music executive/musician with experience in the tech and entertainment industries, set out to test the hypothesis.

omgkirby’s first drop determines whether you can create incredible, and valuable, original music that people want to own the IP and rights to. OmgKirby’s Genesis collection sold out in minutes, resulting in the creation of The DAO. Each NFT purchase gave fans membership to the DAO along with ownership of each song’s stem, master and publishing rights.

Jaden Smith organically bought one of the 3000 sold on Mint and made a song around it, while venture capitalist company Castle Island Ventures used their omgkirby genesis song as the intro and outro music for the On the Brink podcast. The second and latest omgkirby DAO access point is a drop of 5,000 avatars, designed and created by Singaporean digital artist Valerie Hazlife. The drop was free for any omgkirby DAO Genesis NFT holder, giving new members a PFP ID to join the community in a unique and expressive way.

I explored the project in depth with its creator, omgkirby. They shared the overall mission of The DAO and what it holds for the future.

Tell me about the inspiration behind starting The DAO.

omgkirby started an anonymous artist. The project has always been to remove the individual identity around the artist and focus on the music. When we built Web3, we saw an opportunity to expand this idea and become a decentralized artist community where owners can manage what’s best for the music, create a platform for collaboration with fans, and alternatively build a community where they can support each other. to a record label or other traditional music organizations.

What are the most interesting aspects of Web3 when applied to music?

The ability to create a scalable solution for digital ownership will significantly disrupt music. The music industry is slow and built on very antiquated systems that don’t support creators or their fans. By creating ways to expand ownership of music digital IP between artists and fans, it opens up endless avenues for artists to grow their footprint and sustainability as artists.

What have you learned so far about starting a DAO?

It requires a dedicated team. To build an impactful and sustainable DAO, there are so many different running and starting components that you need to have a passionate team running and helping with all aspects.

Why did you choose celebrities as your partner?

They are a very creative team building exciting projects in Web 3. They understood the vision we were trying to create in music and further encouraged exciting ideas on how we could push the boundaries of music in Web 3. They were an amazing team to help bring the exciting art and music to life.

What does The DAO hope to achieve by the end of the year? End of next year?
By the end of this year, we hope to have DAO’s first ever master support/community member artist support. This further highlights how Daos can be an option for artists looking to develop, expand and collaborate in the music industry.

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