Dapradar accounts for more than half of the game’s blockchain industry usage

New data from Dapradar suggests that gaming is an important part of the blockchain industry. According to the report, the gaming sector accounted for approximately 50.51% of the industry usage month-on-month (MoM) as of August numbers.

Overall, the number is a good indicator for the sector, but it showed a decrease compared to last month. Last month, the gaming sector accounted for approximately 57.30% of industry utilization (MoM).

Dapradar data comes from Daily Unique Active Wallet (UAW). According to the surveyor, there are approximately 847,230 active gaming-related UAW transactions each day, worth approximately $698 million.

Source: Dapradar

Gaming has long been considered the gateway to the world of web3, blockchain and crypto. Another recent ChainPlay survey found that 75% of 2,428 GameFi investors joined the site based solely on gaming.

GameFi investors aren’t the only ones who believe in supporting mass adoption in the sector. In the year At a panel at Korea Blockchain Week 2022, GameFi and crypto go hand in hand, experts said. Moreover, it was expected that most games will have an in-game crypto economy in the next few years.

Long-legacy gaming companies in the traditional gaming sector are also eyeing Web3. The head of Xbox expressed hope for Metaverse Gaming, but with some caution for pay-to-play (P2E) crypto games.

According to a study by cyber security auditing firm Haken, many projects in the GameFi industry do not prioritize security and are out of date for a major hack. Ronin’s token bridge was one of the biggest crypto hacks since Axie Infinity lost $600 million in March.

A recent analysis of 60 Web3-based games found that 40% of users were automated bots or multiple accounts from the same entity.