Daz 3D has announced the League of Legends NFT Collection

Daz 3D are Web3 trail-blazers. Specializing in NFT strategy, marketing and full-stack development, this digital art company with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Champion and Warner Bros. has teamed up with RTFKT (now Nike) at 2021 Daz to bring 3D utility to Clone X. Then in the year In 2022, the creators of NFT released the NFT collection of 8,888 3D women and non-binary people, Nudity People. Now Daz 3D is at it again and has announced their latest high-octane PFP collection: League of Legendary Lions.

Three League of Legends Lions PFPs
Three League of Legends Lions PFPs

Daz 3D’s latest NFT offering: League of Legends

Made with 7000 3D rendered PFP NFTs, each League of Legends Lions is incredibly unique. You can spawn a lion in flames, a gilded lion, or even an Egyptian pharaoh. If you’re very lucky, you can breed one of 10 1:1 lions, each with a unique character. Although each PFP is individual, they all share one common value: these lions are the best at what they do and are not afraid to show it. Lions proudly wear their beauty to their community, showing their strength and companionship.

You can generate your lion for 0.05ETH on GameStop NFT Marketplace. League of Legendary Lions will be released in phases. The first chapter opens on Friday, August 26th, so get in while you can!

League of Legends Lions Lore

All the best NFT sets come with a backstory, and Daz 3D gave us one. According to legend, for centuries the ancient city of Mamalia – home of lions – has been hidden. They no longer want to hide in the shadows, they want the world to see them and hear their screams. Among all the prides in mammals, the League of Legends Lions stands above the rest. They are the biggest, proudest versions of themselves.

Twitter post History Lions League
Mammals are a new and exciting world.

With stunning artwork and active community connections, what more could you ask for? If you want to join the pride and take your place among the lions, follow Twitter Dates to be invented.

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