Deadfellaz takes it to the Wild West in collaboration with Epic Wrangler

Pioneer Zombie NFT Collection, DeadfellasIt has announced a partnership with a well-known jeans manufacturing company, WranglerIt promises an amazing collaboration where the worlds of Web2 and Web3 collide.

As he recently tweeted, the partnership will reach the crossroads where zombies and cowboys meet, featuring wild and epic interactive stories featuring the two brands. Finally, he brings the host of both Physical And Digital rewards For those who participate.

Inspired fans will embark on a thrilling “Choose Your Own Adventure” story as they traverse the terrifying wasteland of the Old West in search of fame and fortune. However, only the bravest and bravest to make the stones alive!

The new collaboration isn’t Wrangler’s first NFT rodeo, however, as the historic company debuted last February with the Mr. Wrangler collection on Web 3. Then, a talented musician, Leon Bridges, to start A collection of Decentraland wearables Supported by physical clothes.

Now, delving deeper into the impossible, Deadfellaz offers a whole new world with some of the most promising collections in the industry.

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