DeGods NFT sells for an incredible $220k

DeGods has a great start to the fall season, selling NFT #270 for over $220,000. The record-breaking sale confirms Solana Project’s tremendous success among NFT collectors due to its exceptional craftsmanship and service.

Image of DeGods NFT
A DeGods NFT sold for over $220K this week, making it one of the most expensive Solana NFTs to date. Credit: DeGods

Is DeGods #270 Solana’s Most Expensive NFT Sale?

In less than 24 hours, one rare DeGods NFT was sold for 139,5127 ETH – or about $220,000. One of the reasons for the shocking price is undoubtedly the two-piece suit:

  • Mythic Helmet (only 0.23% of the other items in the collection share the trait);
  • Legendary Battle (0.48% of collections share the feature).

In addition, the digital asset sports a tiger skin and a red background. Together, the features create a perfect match – so good that one person decided to pay over $220,000 for it.

The surprise sale sends the DeGods NFT collection to the top of the ecosystem. Indeed, this is one of the most expensive Solana collectors ever sold. Recently, the project has been compared to Doodles and Azuki, and for good reason.

Digital poster for DeGods NFT collection
The DeGods team aims to expand its ecosystem with a new set of PFPs and additional benefits for all NFT owners. Credit: DeGods

What’s all the hype about DeGods?

Basically, DeGods is a NFT PFP (Profile Picture) style collection of 10,000 avatars. The project, built on the Solana blockchain, launched in October 2021. The unique artwork and utility quickly made the collection a hit.

For example, every DeGods NFT holder gets 15 $DUST per day – the project’s generation currency. To clarify, community members can use these tokens for raffles, whitelist access, auctions, and other exciting benefits.

As a community-oriented project, DeGods now aims to expand its ecosystem. One of the latest efforts is y00ts, a new PFP collection of 15K digital avatars. The first sneak peeks of the project received positive feedback – even Gary Vee applied to join the whitelist!

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