DeGods, Y00ts and NFT Group Twitter Accounts Banned!

Today, in a surprising move by Twitter, the social media company suspended official DeGod NFT accounts with Y00ts and members of their wider group. The ban came as a shock to the DeGods NFT community who were actively trying to figure out what happened. In fact, at one point, Y00ts had over six thousand tweets about it trending online. So why are DeGods and Y00ts Twitter accounts banned?

DeGods Twitter account
Twitter Bans DeGods and Y00ts Twitter Accounts!

DeGods twitter accounts should be banned!

It is currently unclear whether the social media accounts of the DeGods and Y00ts NFT project are receiving this terrible treatment. The situation continues, and the team is trying to find out more. The larger DeGods community took to tweeting @Twittersupport in hopes of resolving the issue.

NFT team member @frankdegods tweeted, “All of our team’s twitter accounts have just been suspended. I’m not sure mine will either. Just be patient. We’re contacting @Twitter now. This can be an attack. Do not click any links.

Key accounts of the DeGods and Y00ts Twitter community are now inaccessible. Nine accounts are currently under ban, including @y00tsNFT, @DeGodsNFT, @y00tlist, @DeGodsSalesBot, @0x_chill and others.

Image of Twitter's trending page
Trying to let the DeGods and Y00ts community know that Twitter has been banned!

What happens next?

Well, in the coming days Twitter support will decide whether to support DeGods ban or not. Community members of DeGods and Y00ts are doing their best to help. A tweet. Tagged @Twittersupport it has over four thousand comments, three thousand retweets and nearly fifteen thousand likes.

Hopefully we’ll find out more about the ban in the next few days. It will be interesting to know if DeGods and Y00ts accounts are restored and why this happened.

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