Delphi investment platform launched the digital asset ecosystem

Investment platform Delfa has announced the launch of its digital asset ecosystem. The ecosystem will bring new features to Delphi’s investment platform as it will start offering rewards to users who contribute to the community. These rewards will take the form of a utility token, Phi ($PHI) – pushing Delphi into decentralized finance and Web3.

Andrew, CEO of Delphi, spoke about data rights
Delphi’s first release includes a utility token and a game to earn money.

The new token-based ecosystem of the investment platform

The Phi token will undoubtedly allow the company to combine traditional asset management with decentralized finance. Undoubtedly, this hybrid model will level the playing field among all investors. To earn $PHI, members simply have to participate in signal-generating games that improve Delphi’s dataset.

“Integrating the ecosystem into Delphi’s asset management platform allows us to enable people to share their data and add value to their overall data engagement with Delphi,” said Andrew Peek, CEO and founder of the investment platform. He said.

At launch, participants can earn $PHI in Delphi’s first data game, Consensus. During this game they must answer questions about consumer trends. More ways to earn tokens and new rewards will be announced in the coming months.

About Delphi

Delphia bridges the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. This allows members to build wealth by investing in data – launching an AI investment strategy to further grow the market. Through the proprietary algorithm, members can make stock options up to seven financial quarters into the future.

In addition to retail investment strategies, Delphia operates hedge funds for accredited investors. In its first year, this venture was so successful that it was the fifth-highest performing equity long-short fund in one-year performance in hedge fund history.

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