Dem Restaurant Innovation NFT launched VIP membership

In the strange and mysterious land of the USA, a popular seafood restaurant has begun experimenting with NFT VIP membership. Consequently, drawing the ire of the normally calm and collected realm of Twitter.

Dame Restaurant in New York City partnered with Frontline for its latest marketing campaign. Home NFT platform ‘Jump the line’ to collect a $1000 Invincible Token that offers a special benefit. As a result, people with NFT knowledge can skip the queue in the table reservation system by presenting their ‘Affable Hospitality Club’ token.

Although VIP membership dates back at least to the ancient Egyptians, Twitter was outraged by the inclusion of NFTs. So, now reacting with predictable outrage with statements like ‘restaurant reservation culture has gone too far’ and ‘worse than a QR code menu’ (which it most definitely isn’t).

all in all, Dem Now only about 20 of the widely known NFTs have been issued, of which 11 are available. So, anyone looking to fire Twitter users with nothing better to do can now head over to the Front of House forum to claim theirs. According to sources, the platform will split the available space 80/20 between the restaurant and the market place.

Get your NFT (and piss off Twitter a little) >> here

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