Discover the generative art exhibition featuring Tyler Hobbs: Our Code

This fall, London’s Unit Gallery will launch its first exhibition of generative NFT art in collaboration with AOI: “In Our Code”. The event brings together leading generative artists including Tyler Hobbs, IX Shells and Casey Rees. Collectors can explore the relationship between artistic skills and computer code at the popular venue from September 13 to October 16.

Generative NFT creator Tyler Hobbs on a red background for a generative art competition
The London division joins forces with top NFT innovators such as Tyler Hobbs. Credit: Tyler Hobbs

What is the “By Our Code” creative art exhibition about?

From 13 September, collectors will explore a new digital universe at Unite London’s first creative art exhibition. The “In Our Code” phenomenon demonstrates the surprisingly strong connection between human imagination and AI.

As a participant, you can check out new NFTs from some of the best artists in the field: Tyler Hobbs, IX Shells, and Casey Rias. Each content creator uses their own autonomous system based on their unique data entry system. To clarify, each artist displays a different style and color scheme based on their code scheme.

For example, lead exhibitor Tyler Hobbs is working primarily with algorithms and plotters. Meanwhile, this year IX Shells artworks were exhibited at the prestigious Christie’s New York. Last but not least, Casey created an innovative programming language for creating race animations.

The three artists will be showcasing some of their best artworks at Unite London’s “In Our Code” exhibition.

Abstract Generative NFT artwork by Tyler Hobbs
Some of Tyler Hobbs’ most famous NFT artworks will be taking part in the Unit London exhibition. Credit: Tyler Hobbs

Why did Unite London partner with AOI?

Unit London gallery has teamed up with AOI for its inaugural art exhibition. AOI (short for “Art on the Internet”) is a Web3 platform promoting digital innovation through NFTs. From TV shows to the stage of art exhibitions, they all share the same goal with Unite London: to bring creative artists and collectors together.

“Our mission is to rapidly cross culturally diverse art and NFT audiences.” said London Unit co-founder Joe Kennedy. “We will provide ongoing opportunities for education and engagement in both communities and create a truly integrated, forward-looking art world.”

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