Disney’s CEO has confirmed his interest in Metaverse

Disney is exploring and developing plans for the Metaverse, according to its CEO. Speaking at the Walt D23 Expo fan convention, Walt DC CEO Bob Chapek talked about how the 98-year-old company will use the technology in the future.

Image of Disney CEO Bob Chapek, speaking on stage about Metavas
According to CEO Bob Chapek, Disney is exploring how to use the Metaverse.

Disney plans for the Metaverse

A company as big as Disney needs to stay ahead of current trends and the CEO’s speech proves that. He can set standards for his competitors by planning for the future. Over the past year or so, Disney has been quietly exploring how it can leverage the Web3 world.

For example, earlier this year, Disney hired Mike White to lead its newly formed Next Generation Story and Consumer Experience division. They also hired Mark Bozen for their Metavas creative strategy. Notably, Mark spent 12 years at the giant Apple before joining Disney.

CEO Chapek said in an interview after the Disney convention, “Disney is the ultimate lifestyle. The question is how our next generation of storytellers is using what we know about aliens in this Disney lifestyle, and then delivering unique experiences.

How is Disney getting into web3?

Disney Metaverse wants to use data from the physical and digital worlds to drive its policy, the CEO said. Data from theme park visits and consumers’ streaming experiences are two areas that Disney is targeting in its strategy.

Incredibly, Disney has repeatedly described their vision of the Metaverse as “the story of the next generation.” We will see what this looks like for the famous company in the coming year.

Finally, Disney has been active in the NFT space. They launched the ‘Golden moments’ collection in partnership with VeVe, an NFT marketplace. This includes Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Pixar collections and more.

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