Dogami Tech launch set for mid-September

Mobile-first, monetized game Dogami will officially launch its first tech demo on September 14. In this tech demo, 100 doggamers have a unique opportunity to test the game, give feedback and support this doggame. Undoubtedly, this test launch will serve as a sneak peek into the Dogami universe.

Dogami Tech launch poster as seen on Twitter.
Dog lovers will be delighted. Dogami is coming soon!

About Dogami’s technology startup

The main purpose The launch of Dogami technology The so-called Soft Launch 1 is to gather the necessary feedback before the wider release. At the end of the trial period, 100 testers will receive a $DOGA airdrop. Additionally, committed testers receive a $DOGA payment as a “thank you” for additional value.

If you’re interested in becoming a Dogamer, you’ll be pleased to know that applications open on September 1st. However, only holders of Alpha Series 1 are eligible to apply. There are only 50 places available for applicants as the rest are reserved for those who hold more than 7 Dogamí NFT.

The Dogami Tech launch will be followed by Soft Launch 1, which will include all the feedback gathered from the beta testing. So, if you haven’t landed a Doggamer trial spot, you can still participate as soon as the Soft Launch begins. During the soft launch, more doggamers will be allowed to play the game and earn rewards.

What is DOGAMÍ?

Dogami is a turnkey, meta-ready game that revolves around our four-legged friends. On Dogami Petaverse, doggamers can play games, raise pets, and interact with other doggamers. Dogami’s technology startup serves as a small taster of what the team has in store.

The main objective of the game is to create the rare Dogami, also known as the Virtual Dog. Each fictional dog goes through the stages of becoming a puppy, an adult, and a ghost. In order to level up, doggamers must train their dogs well and participate in games similar to what dog owners do IRL.

In addition to its unique D-Fi features, Dogami stands out from the crowd due to its game-finding mechanics. It is built on Tezos and already has an in-game token called $DOGA. Doggamers can use $DOGA to purchase wearables, ticket events, breed their Dogami, and build the future of the Petaverse. There is a limited supply of $1 billion DOGA, which also serves as a governance token.

These features are only a small part of Dogami’s roadmap. Beyond Dogami’s tech startup, the 2022 roadmap includes mobile gaming startups, real-life community events, and a drop in wearables. What’s more, it also includes sandbox interactions and the launch of a PVP experience. It’s safe to say that Dogami is carving out its own niche in the metaverse.

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