Doodles NFT haven’t tweeted all month: what’s going on?

Interestingly, the official Twitter account of the Doodles NFT project did not tweet during the entire month of August. Highlighting the issue on Twitter, popular NFT influencer @TropoFarmer shared an image of a countdown calendar showing 11 hours left to tweet in August. So, what’s going on with the most popular project, and why aren’t you active on social media?

Different characters in the Doodles NFT collection
The Doodles NFT Twitter group didn’t tweet in August!

The Doodles Twitter account hasn’t tweeted in a whole month!

It’s unclear why the Doodles NFT account hasn’t tweeted for the entire month of August, but it’s relevant. This is one of the largest NFT projects in the space. In fact, according to Dapradar statistics, it is the 13th largest NFT collection by trading volume. This month alone, Doodles has over $7.49M in sales.

Of course, we are in a bear market, we make people worry. Doodles have always been somewhat casual in their approach to Twitter. Now, the market is quiet and people are looking for confirmation from the team.

Although Doodles didn’t officially tweet in August, they did send out a reply tweet on August 10, responding to a merchandise tweet, featuring two red balloons and a cowboy.

What’s next for Doodles?

NFT said Twitter influencer @Degentraland also didn’t tweet about Doodles today. In 18-Tweet Post, He said, “Quick thread on @doodles FUD. I’ve been pretty quiet on Doodles in recent months. But I’ve received a lot of concerned DMs from longtime owners asking for my opinion. My general thoughts: Be patient, but look for more.

Many members of the Doodles community want more transparency and regular updates from the team.

Hopefully, in September, Doodles will tweet again and ease people’s worries. The project has an extensive roadmap, and announced plans for the Doodles 2 NFT drop in April. They need the community’s support to make this a reality.

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