DOT begins an upward correction, TAMA explodes into the sky

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Signals from the DOT market are telling us that this crypto is starting to finish off its decisive high again. Additionally, this happened after the crypto’s price action tested strong support around $6.80 several times.

Polkadot Forecast Statistics Data:
Polkadot Current Price: $7.28
Polkadot’s market value: $8.5 billion
Polkadot circulating supply: 1.12 million
Polkadot total supply: 1.23 billion
Polkadot Coinmarketcap Rank: #10

We will further analyze the DOT/USD and DOT/BTC markets with the help of trading indicators. We will also study the signs of these indicators, and from them, we will draw some conclusions about this market. In addition, these conclusions try to determine which business activity should be taken.

Key Price Indicators:
High levels: $7.28, $7.65, $8.00
Lower levels: $7.00, $6.50, $6.00

DOT begins to correct upwards, TAMA explodes into the sky

DOT showing signs of upward price recovery, buy TAMA today

An examination of the 1-day price chart of DOT/USD shows that this crypto is very optimistic about reaching a much higher price level. On this chart, we can see that the Bollinger is contracting to indicate an upcoming move. However, an examination of the Stochastic RSI indicates that this upcoming trend will be higher. Looking at the Stochastic RSI, we can see that the curves of this indicator are converging following a small downward movement. Also, we can see that the last price candle is in relation with Bollinger MA. Adding all these positive signals, traders in this market can expect price action to reach $8.50. Traders in this market can execute buy orders.

DOT begins to correct upwards, TAMA explodes into the sky

DOT Price Decline: DOT/BTC is showing more optimism.

Looking closely at the DOT/BTC market, we can see that this market is showing positive signs of further upside. Here the price candles have risen sharply above the MA line. And this suggests that the price may go even higher than the current level.

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In addition, the Stochastic RSI lines are currently trying to cross each other. This happens after the indicator curves return to the lowest side of the 100% mark. However, this is only a downward correction, as the lines of this indicator are now crossing each other, indicating an upward movement in price. The price of this pair may soon touch the 0.000400 value level, so traders in this market can place buy orders.

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