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Move2earn app dotmoovs, an AI-powered app that rewards its users for interacting and being active, has launched a collection of NFT sneakers that reward tic-talkers, hip-hoppers, movers and shakers. 4,444 SNKRS were released as NFTs under the MOV.CLUB brand, powered by dotmoovs’ social-fi and metaverse technology.

Move2earn is the fastest growing crypto vertical and DotMoves taps directly into it, allowing SNKR users to participate in epic Tik Tok Dance Offs and earn crypto rewards for their awesome footwork. Armed with the dotmoovs app, participants simply need their smartphone camera and SNKR NFT to get started.

Talented dancers and movers can earn MOOV tokens for their efforts, while the camera-shy can rent out their virtual sneakers to generate income. On June 8, the MOOV token was listed on the Kucoin exchange, an introductory promotion will reward SNKR buyers with $100 of MOOV tokens in their Kucoin account.

Having modeled for names like Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather and Neymar, MOOV.CLUB has collaborated with one of the most famous names in the fashion industry, Leandro Lopes, to introduce an exclusive pair of shoes. The lead designer of the MOOV.CLUB collections is Hugo Mello, who designs shoes for Le Mans race drivers, among other things, for Grand Prix drivers.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), DotMoves rewards SNKRS owners for performing soccer tricks, dancing or playing any other effective sport. The DotMoves app blurs the lines between virtual reality and the physical world, encouraging users to move more and do the activities they love.

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