Earn lifetime royalties with amazing NFT cards from meta rivals

In the battle pits of the open metaverse, a new era has quietly dawned in the action-packed arcade beat-em-up. Rumbling in the background, new battle lines are being drawn, alliances are being negotiated and strategies are being formulated. It all leads to an exciting crescendo as they eagerly await the no-holds-barred showdown of meta rivals on the blockchain platform.

With its strategic gameplay, fans of the genre can deploy NFT characters based on their popular cryptocurrencies. Then he fights to oblivion in a frenzy, a winner – taking epic proportions to win all the bragging rights and prestigious awards. All this is in addition to the powerful and natural royalty earning power of Meta Rivals ‘Meta NFT Cards’.

Earn royalties forever on the open NFT market

For its first entry into the world of cutting-edge technology, Meta Rivals has a unique brew. To reward the loyal souls who have supported the project since its humble beginnings, MetaRivals has lined up lifetime royalties for the first owners of NFTs.

That means, until the end of the period, that original owner will receive additional rewards every time an ex-NFT is traded on the secondary market. This is designed to show appreciation for early support and keep players involved in the game’s continued success.

Not only that, as Meta NFT cards They come with powerful in-game utility, giving owners the power to deploy their own characters on the battlefield to further enhance their overall performance on the battlefield of their meta rivals. So, Meta Rivals will be launching up to 10k Meta NFT cards on public sale soon, so stay tuned on Project Socials for more info.

Earn lifetime royalties with amazing NFT cards from meta rivals

A new chapter in Arcade Beat-Em-Up

With a new approach to one of the most enduring genres in the video game space, Meta Rivals intends to shake the industry to its core by bringing a new vision that allows players to own their own digital assets and earn tangible income. A reward for your victories on the battlefield.

A competent team will start their first work Alpha game mode Featuring classic PvP combat mechanics at the end of the year. Before that, it will launch an additional open environment in 2023 to offer a more immersive multiplayer world. It then explores the new direction AR/VR technology is enabling and partnering on a wild and wild monetization trajectory.

All in all, the meta rivals have grand plans to take over the highly competitive em up video games, allowing the early adopters to continuously gain production from NFTs until the end of time.

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