EFFORCE calls on NFT technology to save the planet

A ground-breaking NFT powered energy efficiency platform; STRIVEThe Genesis Collection has just announced its arrival. A massive collection of high-utility NFTs, a ‘proof of contribution’ concept for tracking participation in energy saving initiatives. Essentially, it allows owners to share their NFTs with one of several projects, receiving a share of the funds raised in return.

The Genesis collection inspired by Steve Wozniak

In an eye-opening new use of NFTs, EFFORCE will support each project with 2,500 Genesis NFTs. The first two will take inspiration from Apple and EFFORCE co-founder Steve Woznick, who will soon launch the carbon-negative Polygon Network, while maintaining the platform’s ecologically sound credentials.

In the main use of digital art, each NFT comes in the form of a 3D digital rendering A powerful trader, all while boasting high quality and being perfectly tradable in any serious collector’s digital wallet, and on several top NFT marketplaces.

EFFORCE calls on NFT technology to save the planet

How it all works

In short, EFFORCE has developed a method of using NFTs to track participation in energy conservation projects. Essentially, those interested in participating can purchase one of the 2,500 NFTs per project and redeem that NFT and a predetermined number of WOZX, the EEFORCE utility token, in exchange for rewards.

Under the initiative, EFFORCE will use the funds raised to start energy-efficient enterprises at no cost to participating businesses. The company tracks the energy savings achieved with each effort and distributes 1% of the savings as rewards.

After being caught, the participants begin Obtaining a long-term product In the form of mWOZ tokens, it is tied to $1 USD of stored energy. However, if they want to offload their property, they can choose to trade their position on the secondary market.

Spinning the ball

For the first drop, EFFORCE lined up two projects, as a result 5,000 NFTs. One to reconfigure refrigeration and air conditioning needs for the participating firm and the other to increase energy efficiency for the wastewater plant. The first NFTs sell at $210 and want to carry an additional $400 WOZX. The second one runs slightly lower at $190 and $380WOZX.

All in all, NFT as an amazing use for good energy that has the potential to heal the planet.

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