Elle Decoration has crossed over into the realm of the Metaverse

As the world moves into a new digital age, many traditional design studios sit on the cusp of a major art revolution. No longer do they have to cater to the physical world, they now have access to the bold and vibrant world of the metaverse. So, as the fashion publication, Elle Decoration, celebrates 35 years.Th anniversary, and took the opportunity to start an amazing journey into the future of interior design.

Design Capsule Elle

To embrace the digital revolution, Elle has launched the amazing ‘D3sign Capsule’ initiative. A fantastic collaborative project that sees the partnership of the best designers in the industry World-class 3D digital artists. These results give a glimpse of the future where interior design will play an important role in the physical and virtual realms.

A great exhibition followed by a solo sale

Discussing Paris Design Week from September 10-18, The amazing collection consists of 16 pairs of designers and artists, resulting in 15 unique NFT collections, all using their combined expertise to create many exciting creations. Each item is displayed in all its glory with NFT paired with a real-life rendering. In it, fusing the worlds of traditional design and modern techniques to bring the collection to life.

Elle decoration

For the event, the D3sign Capsule took pride of place at the stunning Hotel du Soubisse in the heart of Paris, where it played a major role in the mind of renowned designer Sam Baron during Paris Design Week. This is indeed a great celebration of the mass media focused on the beauty of the world as a whole.

Check out an auction of amazing creations via the respected NFT art marketplace, SuperRare.

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More surprises from D3sign Capsule

Moving forward, Elle Decoration has more plans for the D3sign Capsule brand. So he is preparing to start the second season in October and will see after that Launch a second exhibition And they will go on sale in spring 2023.

Design Capsule NFT

So, as the wheels continue to turn, the Metaverse opens up a vast and exciting new outlet for the interior design environment, where artists and creators are not bound by the constraints of the real world. An amazing digital realm that seems to have no limits.

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