Ethereum faces rejection at high price levels, buy Tamadoge today

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Buyers managed to push Ethereum price action above the $1700 price level. However, when the price of Ethereum neared the $1800 price level, sellers began to panic. Hence, the sellers’ movement has caused the price to find lower support at $1711.

Ethereum forecast statistical data:
ETH current price: $1711.10
ETH market cap: $211.24 billion
ETH circulating supply: 122.34 million
ETH total supply: 122.34 million
ETH Coinmarketcap Rank: #2

However, we will study the ETH/USD market and the ETH/BTC market further. We do this in order to reduce the potential for profit taking by traders in this market. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Key Value Levels:
Ceiling level: $1770, $1800, $1840
Floor level: $1711, $1690, $1650

Ethereum faces rejection at high price levels, buy Tamadoge today

Ethereum faced rejection, making Tamadoge furiously pumped

The price action on the ETH/USD daily chart has seen buyers in this market push prices higher. And, even at this point, the price action still maintains some positivity. We see that the bears have taken control and adjusted the price to lower support. However, we can see Ethereum price movement above the 9 and 21-day MA. Therefore, we can expect a reverse change. Additionally, the MACD indicator is still showing an upward trend. As the green histogram grows, the MACD lines appear above the 0.00 level. Therefore, traders can hedge the potential advance by placing a buy order around $1800.

Ethereum faces rejection at high price levels, buy Tamadoge today

Ethereum price analysis: ETH/BTC begins an upward correction

In contrast to the reversal possibilities seen in the ETH/USD market, the ETH/BTC market shows more bearish retracement possibilities. Here it can be noted that the value has fallen below 9 and 21-days. Also, the MACD curves presented a cross above the 0.00 level to indicate a downward correction.

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From all the known signs of business indicators, traders in this market should assume that the downward trend will continue. Due to negative pressures, traders may consider taking a shot. Therefore, the price of Ethereum to Bitcoin can be adjusted to 0.07500.

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