Ethereum Name Service (ENS) sued GoDaddy for selling

True Names Ltd, the parent company of the popular Web3 Ethereum Name Service (ENS), is suing GoDaddy and others for the sale of the domain. The suit, filed last week in Arizona, USA, aims to stop and halt the sale of to DeFi company Manifold Finance, which bought the name on September 4 for $851,919. Now, ENS and its former owner, Virgil Griffiths, are suing GoDaddy, its new owners, Manifold Finance, and auctioneer Dynadot.

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ENS and others sue GoDaddy for sale!

ENS is suing GoDaddy and others!

A lawsuit filed in Arizona confirms that ENS and Virgil Griffith are struggling to recover the domain. However, it is more complicated than it seems. GoDaddy can argue that a domain name has expired, and when that happens, it will immediately go back up for sale through the registry pool on September 5th.

On August 25, GoDaddy released a statement confirming that the domain was expiring on September 5. Specifically, GoDaddy transferred to another registry, Dynadot LLC, which put up for auction.

What happens next in the GoDaddy ENS domain saga?

On September 4, Manifold Finance (@foldfinance) tweeted, “ has been spoofed by us. Services will be restored once the ownership transfer is complete.

Nick.eth, the leader made in ENS, was shocked by the announcement and asked, “Where? It’s not really time yet; Have you submitted a bid on a consignment site? Do you want to send me a DM?”

It’s unclear what will happen between ENS and GoDaddy in the coming weeks following the lawsuit announcement. As it stands, Maniford Finance is the new owner of the domain. It will come down to the Arizona legal system to work out the legality of the sale.

Screenshot of to GoDaddy now provides service status messages and links to Manifold Finance.

Why is the name so important?

The domain is integral to the eth.domain namespace. Programmer Virgil Griffiths created it to serve as a ‘dynamic service’ for .eth domain names. Basically, as a connector (hence the name), ENS domain names work for the Web 2 Domain Name System (DNS).

Today, when you use, you’ll get a message about the current service status and links to Manifold Finance’s website.

In the coming weeks, we’ll look at how and if the situation between ENS and GoDaddy has changed.

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