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NFTGo, the data analytics platform for NFTs, recently added a transaction aggregator feature to its list of tools to help community members thrive in the NFT space. Sometime in June of this year, NFT trade aggregator platform Genie was acquired by Uniswap Labs, a few months after fellow trade aggregator platform Gem was acquired by OpenSea. Because of this, NFTGo is the only independent data analysis and marketing aggregator platform.

NFT analysis platform, NFTGo.io

About NFT’s data analytics platform, NFTGo

NFTGo is one of the many Web 3.0 projects that have proven to be a true gem for its users and members of the NFT community. Created by a group of NFT enthusiasts, the platform seeks to help users improve their NFT experience by providing them with accurate NFT information, helping them do their NFT research, finding the right NFTs and evaluating the value of NFT projects. Additionally, with the new transaction aggregator feature, users can now buy multiple NFTs from different marketplaces.

Some of the key features that the platform offers include:

  • Blue chip index
  • Collection analysis
  • Daily drops
  • Market overview
  • Market analysis
  • NFT Well Tracker
  • Study articles

NFTGo has raised over $6.9M in funding to date, which could be an attraction for top investors like Hash Global and UB Capital. Although it made its debut in September 2021, the transaction aggregator tool was developed by A Twitter June 22, 2022

NFTGo Trading Aggregator: A one-stop shop for NFT discovery, analysis and trading

Trade aggregator platforms help users buy multiple NFTs at once from different marketplaces, but the NFTGo trade aggregator offers more and better features. Users get the opportunity to buy NFTs quickly and cheaply, saving some gas fees.

The analytics features and the transaction aggregator feature work together. If users do their research with the analytics tool, they can choose to buy multiple NFTs and add them to a virtual cart provided by the trade aggregator. You’ll also know how much you can save on gas bills by using the deal aggregator.

Users can compare NFT prices and find the lowest price for the NFT they want to buy. Additionally, you can buy ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens in bulk. As a result, you can spend less on gas bills and save more.

NFTGo Trade Collector
The NFTGo trade aggregator allows you to buy multiple NFTs from different marketplaces.

Shop carefully with NFTGo Trade Collector

When we talk about NFTGo business aggregator, we cannot leave out one of its most important features, the safe mode. The Safe Mode feature alerts users about suspicious items listed on any marketplace. Additionally, the Safe Mode feature cancels the transaction if any of the items in the user’s cart are no longer available. However, using the Safe Mode features comes with higher gas charges and longer transaction processing times.

NFTGo seeks to facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3 through NFTs. Its data analysis and aggregation tool will undoubtedly help users to get on board smoothly in the NFT space.

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