Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelly founded the NFT Country Music Club

Florida Georgia Line country music superstar Brian Kelly joins the country music-themed project: The Chill Cowboy Country Club NFTs.

The first NFT drop comes with a lot of gear, including Brian and his wife Britney’s country festival Child Fest. Accordingly, the two-day event will host wine and food tastings, shooting, TedTalks and more!

Country actor Brian Kelly on guitar and his wife Brittany Kelly
Brian Kelly and his wife Brittany hit the NFT scene with a nationwide collection and amazing benefits. Credit: Instagram

What is Brian Kelly’s Chill Cowboy Country Club NFT Project?

Basically, Chill Cowboy Country Club (CCCC) is an avatar-style collection of 6,000 NFTs conceptualized by Brian and Brittany Kelly. Cowboy themed collections feature over 260 features and live on Ethereum.

Amazingly, every NFT comes with full IP trading rights. This means you can use the avatar however you want. Holders will also benefit from exclusive merchandising, behind-the-scenes content and discounts from all product partners.

Image of two Chill Country Club NFT avatars of a man and a woman wearing cowboy hats
The first collection of CCCC consists of 6,000 NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Credit: CCCC

What are the benefits for NFT holders?

CCCC packages come in three tiers with different benefits:

  • General Introduction: All the benefits listed above plus access to virtual country concerts and private chats;
  • VIP: All general admission benefits and access to VIP events, additional discounts and other extra surprises.
  • fairy tale – All the VIP benefits and specials along with the legendary Chill Fest experience.

Note that all NFTs are randomly distributed among minters. So regardless of the level, the price per NFT is ~$500. Holders can check their NFT status on the buckle in the corner of each digital artwork.

The most exciting part is undoubtedly getting NFTs to Chill Cowboy Fest. The NFT Powered Festival is hosted by Brian Kelly himself, so let’s find out more!

Child Cowboy Fest NFT event digital poster created by Brian Kelly and Brittany Kelly
Child Cowboy Fest aims to provide unique country music-based experiences to all NFT owners. Credit: CCCC

What experiences does Chill Cowboy Fest offer?

In short, Chill Cowboy Fest is a two-day event created by Brian Kelly exclusively for CCCC NFT holders. There, attendees will enjoy shooting, Ted Talks, jewelry making, wine tastings, and even local tours — all while listening to loud country music.

The founding team will announce the date and location of the event at least 180 days in advance. Each Chill Cowboy NFT holder will receive their digital tickets as NFTs prior to the event.

“Chill Fest is a once-in-a-year celebration that we look forward to building.” Brian Kelly said. “We love to host, we love to throw parties, we love to bring people together and be super intentional about every step of those parties.”

In conclusion, Brian and Brittany Kelly’s original NFTs have outstanding real-life utility. In fact, the couple’s main goal was to connect country music fans in the Web 3 era.

However, this is not the first country-specific NFT project. Legendary actress Dolly Parton partnered with FOX Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs earlier this year to create her own Metaverse. Both projects go to show that the NFT market is still rapidly expanding into new areas – including country music.

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