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press release. Stockholm, September 22: As the world moves into more digital environments, Swedish beauty-tech giant FOREO has taken the initiative to bring a new product to audiences everywhere – the Beauty NFT. Blockchain technology has allowed FOREO to challenge traditional skin care protocol and unattainable beauty standards, bringing LUNA, the famous beauty range, into the 21st century with its flagship NFTs, releasing it ahead of traditional products.

Brands have the opportunity to bring their products to a whole new market, introducing younger generations to new skin care that is tailored and ethical to industry standards. This aesthetic-technological disruption, led by Boris Trupsevich, CEO of Foreo; Building a trusting, inclusive community is paving the way for better mental health and skin. LUNA NFTs are promoting a healthy relationship between beauty, technology and overall well-being to highlight how their products are made and their benefits to a more socially conscious audience around the world.

To further support their efforts, FOREO donates proceeds from NFT sales and trading to three worthy charities: Tjejzonen, Hope Givers and the Scleroderma Research Foundation. These charities work to help people struggling with mental health issues and skin conditions develop self-love and a happy and healthy mindset.

Those interested can purchase digital versions of the LUNA 4 products of their choice prior to release – and there are. 5 different NFTs to choose. Each has 50 variationsSo there are 250 limited edition NFTs to enjoy. In addition, there will be a special equity start A special edition NFT that will be auctioned; Foreo worked with renowned female designer Miriam to bring her brand’s striking, stylistic artistic concepts to the launch. Click over here For more information.

Mental health can affect the look and feel of an individual’s skin, which is why the beauty industry has a responsibility to not only design and create products that meet the needs of different skin types, but also promote an accessible, safe, inclusive environment. For audiences everywhere.

For too long there has been a focus on unrealistic beauty standards and it is time to change the direction of the industry and bring skin care to those who need it. With this in mind, FOREO is innovating in their technology, products and business model to better meet the ever-changing needs of consumers in the digital environment. Sitting firmly at the intersection of beauty and mental health, the brand focuses on how to access skincare, using NFTs and what it means to be happy in your own skin.

These are the basic concepts that drive FOREO’s latest skincare range, LUNA 4.

The LUNA Cleansing Brush is the world’s best-selling face brush – and the LUNA 4 takes an already great design and makes it even better. Users can now expect a more gentle feel with soft silicone touch points for improved blood circulation and collagen production, along with five different massage modes. LUNA 4 is the first digital body brush to include microwave capability to heat up NIR LED light and fight cellulite. All of these fantastic features combine in three simple steps for quick and visible results. First start with LUNA 3 and start the 1 minute cleanup. Next, use the UFO 2 Supercharged 2-Minute Facial to allow treatments to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Finally, finish off with the BEAR Facial Relief Tool – and that’s it!

Foreo is a pioneer in beauty technology, bringing valuable tools to the beauty industry and changing the way consumers think about premium skin care. Enthusiasts can enjoy LED Light Therapy, T-Sonic Pulse, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Microcurrent and more to promote skin health and discover a new approach to aesthetic treatment at an affordable price.

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