FOREO Skin Care launches special NFTs before the regular product release

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Stockholm, September 19: As one of the most innovative companies out there, beauty and skincare brands are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to improve their products, services and even the way they interact with their audience. Digital tokens and blockchain technology have been at the forefront of modernization for many in recent years – and now is the time for businesses in these sectors to consider how they can benefit as well.

right now, Swedish beauty-tech startup Foreo n w The first skin care brand to take the initiative and enter the digital portal with the launch of the LUNA 4 range. Five different NFTs.

Each product in the inventory has an NFT representing it and each has an NFT. 50 designsBy making a total 250 amazing, limited edition NFTs to pick up. Even interested buyers can Go to the auction And one of a kind auction Exclusive NFT Representing the most sought-after item in the LUNAR 4 range, designed and signed by the talented Mary – a rising female star in the NFT world.

All profits from each NFT (including proceeds from auctions and royalties from NFT trading) will be donated to Tjejzonen, Hope Givers and the Scleroderma Research Foundation. These foundations align with FOREOs: promoting awareness of skin conditions and the impact of physical health on mental health.

A long-term commitment to de-stigmatizing mental health issues and building self-confidence; FOREO CEO Boris Trupsevich He is leading the campaign. The industry can move away from unrealistic beauty standards and bring a healthy, fresh approach where everyone can see, feel and interact with products that are available to them.

There is a real focus on social responsibility and promoting a safer and more inclusive environment for people with skin problems. Because of the impact these disorders have on body image and mental health, it’s time for brands with the ability to speak up to do so. As FOREO aims to innovate at all levels (from their product, to their business model), branching out and connecting with a younger audience was the next logical step. Redefining what it means to be beautiful, the LUNA 4 range is simply the latest innovation in skincare.

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FOREO NFT project

As one of the biggest names in the skincare industry, this Swedish skin-tech purveyor wanted to take a fresh approach to launching their LUNA 4 collection – and NFTs were the perfect solution. Along with the brand’s Clear Skin and Exfoliating products, consumers can now get the best of the world’s largest-selling facial cleansing brush.

The latest design features softer silicone touch points and better cleansing capabilities with five different massage modes for improved blood circulation and natural collagen production. For fast results, the LUNA 4 devices now have a specialist NIR LED light, special heating and microwave treatments that can tackle cellulite even for the first time.

As FOREO pioneers the latest technological applications in skin care, enthusiasts can expect premium products and spa-like results without the hefty price tag. Never before has LED light therapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, microcurrent and T-sonic pulsation been offered to the mass market.

The latest breakthrough – the LUNA 4 suite – brings a simple, six-minute, three-step procedure into the homes of users everywhere. With LUNA 3 and the lightning-fast 1-minute facial cleansing action, you’re only minutes away.

Following the UFO 2’s supercharged capabilities (it delivers a 2-minute facial that injects special ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin), rejuvenation is the main focus. Finally, the BEAR Microcurrent Device takes skin health to a new level, for a fantastic, fast routine that users love.

FOREO has provided several .gif videos at this link.

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