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Backed by Sequoia after years of developing category-defining technology that leverages its infrastructure in order to He is hiring. Salil Shah, an experienced executive with experience in Meta and Pinterest, to expand the business. The announcement follows two consecutive months of over 120% month-on-month growth.

As the only layer-1 blockchain capable of powering content-rich social apps, and with more than $200 million in funding from Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, CAA and others in order to He was already well positioned for success.

Now, with an experienced senior executive like Shah, DeSo can accelerate its mission to reimagine the creator economy and expand Web3’s scope from purely financial applications to creator-oriented social apps and beyond.

Shah said he was motivated to join because of his belief that Deso has the potential to transform the creative economy. Shah says

“Encouraging and supporting creators is a mission I’m passionate about.” Shah also mentioned that Diso has built the first blockchain platform that allows social content to be hosted directly on-chain, giving creators more ownership, the ability to connect with fans across platforms, and the opportunity to create direct financial relationships with fans.

“I’m excited to join this amazing team and partner with Nader to work on the web as the industry moves into the next phase of the creative Internet.3” he continues.

Shah joins Nader Al-Naji, co-founder of Diso, and complements Nader’s deep technical expertise with his extensive business experience as a senior executive and business leader.

Leading a new category

Shah joined as the emerging category of “decentralized social” started showing early signs of growth, with DeSo recently hitting 120% month-on-month growth (following 160% growth from the previous month).

“This growth is driven by the Diso ecosystem. Hundreds of third-party applicationsNow they are starting to get custody,” says Al-Naji. for example, Diamond And Desofy They have raised more than $20 million from innovative monetization initiatives such as Social Tips, Social NFTs, and Social Tokens.

Meanwhile, as tools Open Prosper, the social blockchain browser, provides unparalleled insight into the ecosystem. And you will love other new applications pearlWeb 3 Instagram , NFTzDecentralized NFT marketplace, and Daodaoa social Kickstarter-like fundraising tool, is starting up and growing.

“We’re seeing a flywheel start to form,” says Al-Naji. “Now that we have a seed of users and content, developers are building apps like never before, furthering the usage and content in a virtuous cycle.”

DeSo recently listed on Coinbase, and its mission to rethink the creative economy has never been more relevant, according to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. Soon to announce Twitter is an “open source protocol” and must be up to date Twitter acquisition By Elon Musk.

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