Future growth of my 10-stock market portfolio

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Inflation is rampant in the world. However, I believe that – in these difficult times – stock markets still offer the best investment cover for inflation protection and long-term return potential for carefully selected stocks.

My portfolio

FTSE Share Code Market value (£bn) Industry YTD % performance One year % performance Three-year % performance
100 AstraZeneca AZN 175.8 Pharmaceuticals 24.15 26.51 47.23
250 Beazley Without 3.5 Insurance 22.13 45.24 0.00
100 Bunzl BNZL 10.6 Distribution, logistics -0.35 8.33 42.82
250 Capricorn CNE 0.7 Oil, gas exploration 25.97 22.39 42.21
100 Glencore Glenn 64.9 Mining and trade 30.36 49.76 108.12
250 Hunting HTG 0.5 Energy industry supplier 68.44 39.02 -37.64
250 Individual Inv 2.1 Pharmaceuticals 12.06 45.31 377.45
250 Medicine MDC 3.7 Health 55.56 58.12 46.85
250 Circo SRP 2.1 Government services 32.17 33.56 21.93
100 SSE SSE 19.4 Power plant 2.51 2.30 46.87
Portfolio As on 31.8.22 27.30 33.05 69.58

On an equity invested value basis, the portfolio has grown by 69.6% (+19.2% annually) over the past three years. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, over the medium to long term, I expect the overall portfolio to outperform the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indices.

A stock or two may disappoint. Therefore, I actively manage the portfolio and replace stocks where the prospects are deteriorating.


A British-Swedish international pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. He was at the forefront of the rush to develop and distribute a vaccine for Covid-19. His innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.


British parent company of international insurance businesses. He writes a diverse insurance and reinsurance book for clients and is a market leader in many of his chosen lines.


A British multinational distribution and outsourcing company. More than 50% of its business is in the food service and food retail sector.

Capricorn Energy (formerly Cairn Energy)

A British oil and gas exploration and development company. Despite Britain’s net-zero ambitions, green billionaire Elon Musk says “civilization will collapse” if the world stops drilling for oil and gas.


Anglo-Swiss Company. It is one of the world’s largest natural resource businesses, a mining company and the world’s largest commodity trading company.


A British based supplier to the oil and gas industry.


A global pharmaceutical company focused on developing drugs to treat substance use disorders and serious mental illnesses.

Medical International

An international private hospital group with hospitals in South Africa, Namibia, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.


UK contractor for the provision of government services, primarily in the health, transport, justice, immigration, space and defense sectors. 55% of the company’s revenue is generated outside the UK.


Formerly Southern and Scottish Energy, SSE is a multinational energy company that operates UK power stations and offshore wind farms and has a hydroelectric plant in Scotland.

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