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press release. Zug, Switzerland, September 2, 2022: With a roster that currently includes DOTA2, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, GAIMIN GAIMIN Gladiators is pleased to announce that they have expanded their game roster to include the APEX Legends team.

Comprised of Hardek, LeoGri3x6, and Artiko along with their coach Pkmk, this Tier 1 team has achieved great success in APEX Legends and built an impressive community of followers. Hardecki was the youngest winner in the APEX Legends Awards and was the driving force behind the team’s dominance in ALGS Year 1. GAIMIN Gladiators announces the addition of this team to the roster and extends the reach of the GAIMIN brand to a. A very wide international audience.

Joseph Turner, General Manager of GAIMIN Gladiators, said: “I’m delighted to have Hardecki, LeoGri3x6, Artiko and Picim join the GAIMIN Gladiators roster. Signing to GAIMIN Gladiators gives this team stability for the new season and gives them a chance to excel in the APEX Legends arena.

“Our goal with GAIMIN Gladiators is to support the gaming community and promote our brand to this target audience through esports teams,” said GAIMIN CEO Martin Speight. And they don’t include Asia!) and with our APEX Legends team, we expect to see these figures improve significantly in support of our brand awareness, goals for both GAIMIN and our sponsors Kaiyun Sports and Stone Forged Technology.

Martin concluded, “To support the addition of APEX Legends to the GAIMIN Gladiators roster, we are offering fans additional benefits when monetizing on the GAIMIN platform. We include APEX Legends Coins in our marketplace, allowing APEX Gamers to earn “FREE” APEX Legends Coins through passive monetization from the GAIMIN app.


GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Switzerland based gaming company focused on helping the gaming community monetize the computing power of their gaming PCs. GAIMIN has developed a decentralized data processing network with the processing power used in gaming PCs in particular, to create a global decentralized data processing network, providing “supercomputer” performance.

A free-to-download PC-based application, GAIMIN monetizes the performance used by innovative approaches to deliver “supercomputer” level data processing performance from a global network of independent processing devices. Initially focusing on blockchain computing, GAIMIN’s data processing network supports a wide variety of big data processing applications, including video recording.

GAIMIN pays users in its own crypto currency, GMRX, which can be used to purchase NFTs, in-game assets, accessories and merchandise on GAIMIN’s marketplace, or can be converted to fiat or other crypto currency.

About GAIMIN gladiators

GAIMIN Gladiators was created from OCG Esports Club; A Canadian esports organization founded in 2019 by brothers Nick and Alex Cucovillo and Sean Porter. Their goal was to send their chosen one, and since 2019 they have had great success competing as DreamHack Canada for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and in North America’s top amateur league.

GAIMIN Gladiators represent GAIMIN in the global esports arena and share their past achievements and progress towards current and new esports heights.

Gamemin Gladiators current roster includes DOTA2, Rainbow6 Siege, APEX Legends and Rocket League. The DOTA 2 team will compete in the DOTA 2 International in Singapore in October 2022.

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